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Medical terminology course

Learning medical terms in English is an essential element in the medical field, Through it we can explain and understand many medical specialties, different diseases and different regions and organs of the human body, In addition to all the equipment and equipment used in the medical field. Medical. This is important because it is a global language of communication for countries around the world, So in this article we will try to shed light on the origins of medical terminology and the importance of its study and its components.

Concept of medical terminology

Medical terminology course 1 Medical terminology course

Medical terminology is a set of words that have been agreed globally to give accurate meanings and facilitate communication between medical personnel. Words in ancient languages (whether Greek or Roman) tend to be complex and long words, It is necessary to try to break these words and establish some rules to facilitate learners, whether it is an accurate understanding, to facilitate their memory or even to guess the meaning of words, Like any living language, The tremendous development in medical sciences had to be accompanied by the development of these terms to keep up with these scientific discoveries and most medical terms consist of radical words in addition to the prefixes and right

The origin of medical terms

BC, The Romans and Greeks were at the forefront of the medical field, Until the Romans took control of Greece, There was a strong integration between Roman and Greek cultures, In addition to the integration of Romanian and Greek, Which led to the emergence of a new language, Latin terms emerged at that time as a medical term.

Many modern languages have tried to break into the field of medical terminology, But they all failed miserably because they rejected any form of intervention in medicine by orthopedic scientists, who thought that the main language of medicine. The terminology was an ancient Latin or Greek language to maintain professional safety and patient health, A medical report may be written in a particular language for someone in a particular country, We send this report to another country in a different language, which translates the report in a completely different way from the original report, This can have serious risk implications for the patient’s health.

Building the medical term

Medical terminology course 2 Medical terminology course

Root is the basic building block of any medical word, For prefixes and supplements, they are supplements to the word to add details or specialization. Root properties are as follows:

Medical terminology course

The course of medical terminology is the study of the basic rules of the composition of medical words, By understanding and preserving the roots, principles and truths that make up this science, To obtain a clear and comprehensive basis for medical terms recognized by health-care providers, Thus, using this course also, documenting a person’s knowledge of medical terms circulating among medical professionals enables a person to understand and communicate with that language. In addition The course includes diseases and surgery of English medical terminology in relation to all health and administrative matters used in work-related areas.

The importance of a medical terminology course

The medical terminology course ensures that affiliates learn and explain common principles and supplements used in healthy environments, It also helps to clarify the meaning of complex medical words and their components to better understand meanings, In addition to understanding the purpose of their use. A brief description of the doctor writing and context. The importance of this session stems from the following points:

Axes of a medical terminology cycle

A medical terminology course introduces students to the language of medicine. Students develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic elements and rules used to build and analyze medical terms related to the human body, Using a well-structured and specific approach. The course includes several topics, including:

Most important medical terms


Learning medical terms is very important for medical students, Especially in the early stage, Sometimes some people see medical terms as something complex that is difficult to explain, So we can’t understand what it means. The part has a specific meaning, When these pieces are grouped together, It gives us a medical term that we can easily interpret and reach its true scientific meaning.

Medical terminology course 3 Medical terminology course

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