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Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the programs available in the Office package designed to design presentations for training packages. The program provides a range of tools to produce electronic files containing virtual slides with texts and images used on a movie projector linked to a person who uses a computer in the presence of a group of people and is commonly used in companies and educational centers.

PowerPoint training bags

Modern technologies:

The designers of many training bags generally use modern methods and techniques in their education, Especially computers, Believing in the impact of their changes on the training system, international research has shown that using modern technological means to help trainees taste knowledge, The level of training doubles. for positive performance, Modern methods and techniques enable trainees to research and gather information with minimal time and effort.

The presentation program or PowerPoint is well known and popular in the world and is one of the most important programs used during training because it is a program that allows the user to design segments with a high degree of coordination that can be used in the commentary to clarify information and study. This type of software does not require users to be proficient in design, Thanks to ready-made and easy-to-use slide show designs and layouts.

The program can also offer a range of slides in a fun and attractive way through your computer. Regardless of how easy it is to deal with, It also helps the software user get the job done easily and smoothly. PowerPoint is used as a means of training and designing ready-made bags, Through presentation slides, Including information previously received preparation and design.

PowerPoint training bags 1 PowerPoint training bags

Skills in designing and using PowerPoint presentations in training

Presentations are an important training method by which training methods (process) are provided using PowerPoint. That’s why trainers should be aware of presentation design skills, how to use them in training and skills to use to reach peak. Persuasion and influence in training.

Trainees like to prepare the subject through an illustrative program because of its many advantages that make it a successful training method. These features include:

Easy to add and delete slides. Easy to save and recover display slides. Offers multiple chip printing options (full slides, And pages with slices, And notes pages, and detailed presentations) provides many graphics that can be added to slides, It makes it easy to format presentation slides in a variety of formats capable of adding videos to slides, and the ability to add sound and motion effects to slides, and the ability to move slides with multiple effects, And the ability to turn the display into something like a blackboard.

The trainer can also use a laser pointer to indicate slide content on the PowerPoint display skills in designing and using PowerPoint presentations in training. Make sure you have the right alternatives and techniques in case one of your devices has an emergency malfunction or power outage, And so on.

It’s easier than ever to highlight powerPoint’s importance in designing ready-made portfolio design segments by creating efficient and well-designed chip shows with the help of PowerPoint designers and ideas. 3D is not just for movies now you can easily insert 3D objects and include animation directly in your PowerPoint interface from your files or content library, Add an effective and unique professional structure to your portfolio.

react naturally with sound, touch and ink, Dear reader ink easily on slides, Then convert handwritten notes into text and make hand-drawn shapes in seconds.

How do you prepare a successful training package? An important question that the trained person wants to know his answer. There is no doubt that any successful training package must contain technical and human components. It appears positively in reaching students’ attention, understanding content and getting information to achieve the train goal.

What is the definition of the term training bags?

Training package: Plural for the term training package, This refers to the content of the course or program in which the individual participates to gain useful knowledge for study, work or life.

How are successful training bags prepared?

Training others is a difficult task that no one can accomplish, In this case, the trainer must be qualified in science and practice, The scientific qualifications lie in the careful study of the profession taught or explained. trainee Mastering all aspects, Practical qualifications are reflected in the mandatory experience and are available in the trainer, It can only be achieved by training in a particular profession for a long time, One of the factors that helps the trainer to provide the scientific material properly is the so-called training package, which must be prepared in an orderly manner, We will consider the steps to prepare a successful training package as follows:

Step 1:

Setting the objectives of the training bag: The aim of preparing a training package is to develop a programme that can be implemented in practice in the field to train a particular group in a way that helps teach trainees a particular profession or skill. understanding things scientifically, This is the development of the material in a simplified way by determining the level of their education, The coach has to put himself in the place of the trainee;

Step 2:

Collect the scientific material contained in the training bag: Each training package must contain a clear scientific material, Therefore, the trainer must collect information on the papers to be taught in the course, by looking at newspapers and magazines to obtain all relevant information, science, the Internet and scientific references to the narrative of information from multiple sources.

Step 3:

Scientific writing: At first the coach writes the outlines and visualizes the scientific material, Finishing touches and details are preserved, The researcher presents what is written to scientific experts in the field of training, in order to verify the content. Information on any training bag by specialty, And then they addressed any deviations in the training bag, or add information that the coach ignores, It also has a very important element in which the training package changes based on what the trainer discovers or concludes from when explaining the scientific material to the trainee. Coach The trainer then revealed a lot of data to be included in the training bag. Training bag.

Step 4:

Focus on examples: This is important and should be included in any successful training package. For example When training a group of employees in a particular institution, It is necessary to cite examples of their actual work; And bring the coach closer to reality and closer to the problem of workers on the ground, It’s a way to succeed and a way to achieve the real goal of the training package.

Fifth step:

To help explain the contents of any training package:

currently Utility models vary; the availability of many modern technologies makes it easier to view the components and content of any training package in a smooth manner, Including:

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