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Secretariat Secretary is a work based on the organization of data and information about a work, or on behalf of another person who is usually the responsible manager and the secretariat is also defined as having a person work for another person, or in an official office to assist in the implementation of administrative tasks, and to follow up correspondence and records. [2] Another definition of the secretariat is the function associated with the responsibility of an individual who works within a company, association or institution, and is interested in following up on the administrative affairs assigned to it, such as filing files, writing data, and doing office work. [3] It became a job Secretarial is indispensable in all companies within their regulatory scheme, This function depends on the staff member’s excellence in a set of skills, and the ability to apply their own administrative and functional tasks, The manager’s often preoccupation with conducting some of the company’s own routines has led to a necessary need for a secretarial function, in order to maintain the application of such work, like writing and arranging appointments, and save important files in a way that helps to easily access them, Some departments select secretarial staff from certain categories, The most important of these are the special secretariat and the specialized secretariat, in order to carry out many functions and tasks within the competence of each, Hence the general importance of the secretariat by helping it to implement many tasks, And provide assistance and support to all the work of the administration. The well-known picture of the secretary’s career is relatively stereotypical, because it relies on previous ideas that are not linked to the nature of management in modern times, Most people think that the role of the secretary is limited to answering the phone, And organize papers and mail in order to deliver them to the manager, But excellence in the secretary’s profession from other professions shows that she needs high intelligence, and the ability to deal well with others, In addition to excellence in an acceptable and suitable appearance for the working environment.

Academic qualities that a secretary must possess:

  1. Specialization
  2. Gaining educational achievements in the field of secretarial
  3. Culture
  4. Knowledge of public and social matters.
  5. B- Familiarity with the laws and regulations in place near the country in which they work.
  6. Language
  7. The ability to speak and write in the language of the country in which he works.
  8. Practical qualities that the secretary should have
  9. Organization
  10. Knowledge of administrative systems.
  11. Relations
  12. The ability and flexibility to build personal and practical relationships.
  13. Regulations and instructions
  14. Knowledge of applicable legislative and administrative regulations and information
  15. Acquiring academic achievement skills in the field of secretarial
  16. – Gathering culture
  17. Leniency in social and public topics.
  18. Knowledge of the regulations in force in the country.
  19. – Language skill
  20. The ability to write and speak the language of the country in which he works.
  21. Knowledge of reporting and lectures
  22. The ability to prepare technical reports
  23. Management and behavioral skills of the secretariat
  24. – Control and management skills
  25. – The ability to communicate verbally.
  26. The ability to deal with presidents and take advantage of mental models
  27. To deal with them.
  28. Secretary’s Office Skills
  29. – Open mail
  30. Writing correspondence
  31. Follow-up of outgoing and incoming correspondence
  32. – Get rid of excess leaves
  33. – Use the camera.

Firstly: Open mail:

Secretary Executive Training Course 2022 1 Secretary Executive Training Course 2022

When you use your inbox, Follow the following steps:

– Make sure that the address of the sender is on the letter,

– Open the mail as soon as it arrives,

Empty the contents and make sure the envelope is completely empty.

Make sure that everything in the message is inside the envelope.

Write the receipt date on the received letter,

– Distribute the mail to those who care.

Secondly: Writing correspondence

You should always be ready to do your job professionally: Preparing documents, Preparing messages,

– It is preferable to always put papers over the office,

– Next to the papers are pens to write,

– Keep copies of previous correspondence,

Microsoft Word has communication schedules in Both Arabic and English.

Thirdly: Follow-up correspondence

Secretary Executive Training Course 2022 2 Secretary Executive Training Course 2022

We should not blame the other person for not responding because they may need to attach a picture of the first message and the second message because it is easy to send to save time.

It is best to address readers with new information in a good entry.

It is recommended that a confirmed final date be set to receive the reply, citing the reason for that date and the logical reasons for that date. Specific dates can quickly motivate recipients.

Fourthly: Get rid of excess leaves

Secretary Executive Training Course 2022 3 Secretary Executive Training Course 2022

– Customize a file for the recipient file, It is located in a drawer near the office, Since the traditional file folder resembles an active file, Its advantages have been proven.

– Prioritize by allocating one file to the most important papers you have to do every day, And another file of papers that can be postponed.

– Select a special file for the completed projects.

For papers that may require follow-up, There is also a fourth category of documents, Such as the search you have completed and are waiting for approval or signature from your manager.

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