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After the world has developed rapidly, It was always necessary to learn new skills and sciences, Especially in the field of safety and security, which covers all areas of life. Global application.

The concept of security:

Safety means protecting people and property from unexpected hazards and emergencies, Whether intentional or unintentional, occur without warning, such as fires, accidents and theft, which sometimes leads to the loss of life or property, Protection of persons and property safety measures from work or working conditions. Restoring real life by not inadvertently endangering people or property; Gloves, masks, etc. should be worn to protect factory workers from the chemicals they are exposed to every day.

Security training courses 1 Security training courses

Top training courses

Safety courses for tourism and hospitality facilities:

The Security and Safety Course for Tourism and Hospitality Facilities trains people on how to deal with emergencies, And respond immediately, The application of public security principles in the hospitality industry. One of the most important training courses in the field of security and safety, what the Arab Tourism Organization does in intensive training activities in all areas of tourism and hospitality services for tourism workers in the Arab world, In addition to hotel security and safety training courses offered by the British Training and Development Institute in Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, Jordan, France, Austria, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Germany, THE UK, Italy and the USA.

2- Professional:

Occupational safety courses train people on the most important precautions to protect workers and the facilities they work in to protect human life and avoid material damage or delays in the production process.

The risks faced by workers vary depending on the nature of the job and include chemical, physical, electrical and biological risks. Safety and security courses include training staff on how to prevent these risks and the most appropriate procedures to follow in the event of any risk.

Occupational safety and health courses such as: Fire prevention courses, Prevention and treatment of risks, Fire safety technology courses, Advanced technical fire engineering, Professional safety courses, Health and safety courses, Occupational safety and health courses. Hygiene standards and applications, Etc.

Security training course

Security training courses 2 Security training courses

With the spread of the Internet, smart devices and mobile devices, Starting at the national level, The focus has become on cybersecurity and how to protect yourself in the digital space, From home to work, Necessity. Your favorites, the cybersecurity world is a relatively new area for professionals, Or if you want to protect yourself online and online. Social media, This course will be useful to you.

In this course, You will know the most important terms, The most important techniques used in this field, And how to protect your systems from the risk of intrusion. The safe legal environment, the global framework and the organizational structure are known.

This course will discuss some of the most famous terms in cybersecurity, And how to control the security of your account passwords, And how to choose antivirus software and anti-piracy tool. firewall and how to use it, which enables users to create and use multiple virtual environments simultaneously on a single device, and how to share files and grant permissions to share files, And how to protect and encrypt our data.

Course axes


In conclusion, It should be emphasized that companies must assess the performance of information security and the effectiveness of the information security management system in terms of determining and measuring what to monitor, Including information security processes and controls, monitoring, monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation methods. to ensure the right results, When and who is conducting surveillance and measurement, And when is it analyzed? To evaluate these results, Senior management should review information security systems at planned intervals to ensure their continued relevance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Security training courses 3 Security training courses

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