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Strategic planning concept

The strategic plan is a long-term plan that takes into account all external and internal variables and identifies all target sectors, As well as a competitive approach.

The plan answers a question as to where we are headed, Taking into account the future vision of the institution and the integration and interdependence of the various aspects of the organization, It also has various activities that will link the organization to its surroundings[1].

This type of planning is one of the key components of strategic management and depends on a vision and readiness for the future status of the organization. [2]

Strategic Planning Course 2022 1 Strategic Planning Course 2022

Definition of planning Management consists of a range of key functions: planning, organization, recruitment, leadership and planning is the most important function because it is the basis on which other functions are built, and planning is to develop a blueprint for achieving a particular goal by identifying the resources, tasks, procedures and schedules necessary to achieve it, so that the goal reflects the future purpose that the organization seeks to reach and achieve, which illustrates the difference between the goal and the plan; the goal sets the future goal, while the plan determines the means to achieve it. [1] The term planning includes both ideas in that it defines the organization’s future objectives and identifies appropriate means to achieve these goals, and planning is usually by the director of the organization, predicting risks that can occur in the future and this helps to continue working longer,[1] and the planning process helps the manager solve problems and develop strategies to facilitate work and prepare the appropriate path to achieving the goal in the end.

The importance of planning

The importance of strategic planning

Strategic Planning Course 2022 2 Strategic Planning Course 2022

One of the advantages of strategic planning is that it clarifies the overall objectives of the plan, leading to the emergence of multiple business and management plans that constitute the overall objective governing all final decisions, This plan unites the objectives for workers to achieve the goals to be achieved, The importance of this different plan lies in traditional planning as follows: [3]

  1. Provide the initiative with the goals and objectives it seeks to achieve.
  2. Provide a mechanism for administrators to think about moving in general.
  3. Provide the protagonist with all the expectations of changes in the surrounding environment and how to adapt to those changes.
  4. Help allocate all available resources.
  5. Helps raise awareness among members of the winds of change and identify all the threats and opportunities surrounding them.
  6. Provide sound logic during the budget assessment process.
  7. Organize the sequencing process in the main planning work at all administrative levels.
  8. Make sure you’re innovative and creative with the manager, However, it proactively creates events rather than receiving them.
  9. We strive to clarify the image of the organization to all stakeholders and stakeholders.

Strategic planning features

Strategic Planning Course 2022 3 Strategic Planning Course 2022

The most important features of strategic planning:

  1. Strategic planning is an integrated system implemented in accordance with recognized steps.
  2. Determines the future course of the initiative, Including the initiative’s mission, objectives and steps required to achieve it, In addition, all efforts are identified in the resource allocation process.
  3. Through this plan, In addition to identifying all future activities and work on the plan, The distinctive areas of the future plan are also identified.
  4. Strategic planning is a response to all the strengths and weaknesses in the way the initiative is implemented, and all the environmental threats and opportunities within them, With the aim of developing the areas of competition and excellence available for future initiatives.
  5. Strategic planning is a way of working at all levels to identify and distinguish contributions and functions at each level.
  6. The plan identifies the development, charitable and social benefits of the initiative.

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