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Educational training packages help to apply the teacher’s behavior and gain the required qualities in the field, Such as order, work accuracy, patience and stamina to overcome obstacles and instill self-confidence. The teacher must have the educational skills to rely on in building the organizational structure, and success in planning a training program based on the needs of the surrounding work environment depends on a good understanding of the individual’s needs, Also learn how to communicate effectively with students and prepare a fair evaluation plan through which the actual students in the program are measured, not only that, It also plays a social role through support and guidance.

Teacher training packages 1 Teacher training packages

Teacher experience:

This is achieved through teacher training packages to improve the teacher’s experience in a better and effective way, This helps create an organized and good training environment for both parties, trainers, trainees and institutions that employ teachers. Provides an organized, good and safe training environment for teachers. The modern strategy of educational bags is carried out through a range of elements.

Teacher training packages 2 Teacher training packages


Despite its many drawbacks, But it grows, improves, is heard and utilized by millions of people via satellite, internet and satellite channels. However, Less effective as individual differences between trainees increase


The teacher is given the main role, The role of the trainer is limited to simply giving the title of the topic or question and paving the way for stimulating discussion and exchange of ideas. Reveals the abilities and skills of teachers and those who stand out among them.

Case study:

Its importance is reflected in its degree of realism and its direct association with the field of teachers’ work and the fact that it revolves around issues and situations that can be replicated, Even if some of its events differ. It is one of the ways to stimulate creativity, deepen experience and apply information and theoretical knowledge in the field of education, But it can be difficult to generalize across different environments and civilizations. Case study.

Acting or playing roles:

This is done by simulating the trainee, imitating him or imitating the work or skills performed by the trainer in the training program. In this case, they are given a practical exercise or a realistic example as a team or group, And they’re given roles as if they were already performing, Their performance is assessed by their colleagues.

Administrative matches:

represents each group of teachers through teams or subgroups dealing with the subject, issue or problem, with a subset of arbitration in the correct decisions or actions taken by these teams or subgroups. The winning team and the losing team are up for discussion to avoid.

What’s the training bag?

in order to achieve a set of goals set in advance. The training bag contains a range of literature and illustrations as well as aids, methods and training plans collected through one or several sources through the reality of field practical experiences and experiences. It is one of the tools used in training, It is also a guide and guide to a range of procedures that the trainer and trainee can benefit from, This is in order to achieve the training objectives.

It should also be noted that this article is valid at any time and place because it reflects education and its importance in current society.

Teacher training packages 3 Teacher training packages

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