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Recruitment courses have become very important, especially with increasing recruitment requirements, high ceiling ambitions among employees, high level of competition and frequent applications for companies, so recruitment courses are now the basis for every employee who wishes to apply for a job.

Employment is a relationship between two parties, The contract, which provides for a similar amount of money on a work-based basis, is usually where one of the parties (which may be a trade organization, Or a company, or a non-profit organization, Or cooperative, Or any other entity) is the employer (employer) and the other party is the employee (the worker). An employee is paid (economically) in return, This consideration is in the form of hourly, piece or annual wages.

Depends on the nature and type of work that the employee does or the employee’s job in addition, Employees in some areas and departments may receive tips, rewards, shares and bonds. On the stock exchange. In some types of employment, Employees sometimes receive benefits in addition to work wages. These benefits may include health insurance, disability insurance or gym and housing insurance.

Employment itself is a process normally run by the government and subject to employment and labour laws, Legal regulations or contracts, and all of these things will be addressed in the cleaning courses.

One of the most prominent concepts to be identified in recruitment courses


The employee is the person who contributes the actual effort and experience to the benefit of the employee, or is obliged to provide and support the work of the employee and is usually assigned to perform specific tasks, which are eventually collected and summarized in a schedule of specific work. If we identify an employee in the context of the partnership system, We will say that in this context the employee is someone who has been appointed and employed to provide various services to a company or institution in exchange for some kind of compensation, He does not provide these services as part of his independent work.

The relationship between the employee and the worker

Staff recruitment and management control within an organization or company is located at several levels that have significant impacts on teams and productivity. These important impacts are the product of the work of that department and constitute the desired results to be achieved. A basic link mechanism combined with actual objectives of the same ideal function. Recruiters must balance goals and aspirations, For example They must reduce wage restrictions while ensuring double labour productivity for productive working relationships

Finding employees or employment

One prominent way to enable employers to find workers and people they want to hire to find people they want to hire is through newspapers and job advertisements in newspapers (through classified ads), Or online, They are sometimes called council work. An employee who usually finds job seekers through accredited recruitment consultants, Those who seek, examine and select job candidates after obtaining permission and orders from employers.

On the other hand A study has shown that relying on these advisers is sometimes useless, This is because they do not apply sound principles when selecting employees. The traditional way to attract employees is the “hire an employee” sign (usually attached to a window, door or somewhere in front of a store or institution). Sometimes, But the effort to provide and apply many skills, analytical mechanisms and talent measurements is the most appropriate way to accomplish this daunting task successfully. Potential employees take an extra step together to enable them to learn more about each other, This step is through job interviews.

The importance of recruitment courses 2022 1 The importance of recruitment courses 2022

Training and development

Training and development is a comprehensive term that refers to the staff member’s efforts to prepare and master a new staff member, By supporting the skills he needs to do the job, And help the employee grow within the company. In addition A good and appropriate level of training and development helps employees in recruitment courses increase their job satisfaction.


There are many ways and means to pay employees, including hourly, piece or annual wages, Gratuities (often combined with other forms of payments and compensation). Employees may be paid while working in sales or commercial real estate on a commission basis, This is a percentage of the total amount of goods or services they sell to buyers or consumers. in some areas and professions (e.g. executive positions), Employees are entitled to additional rewards when they reach a certain level of achieving their expected employer’s goals.

In addition There are some executors in addition to employees who are paid in the form of shares or bonds, It is a form of compensation for a company that has added material value from the point of view of these companies, The use of these shares as a means of payment helps to unify and integrate the common objectives of aspiring employees and the company, Thus increasing the value of both and this point is talked about in detail within the recruitment cycles

Staff utilizations

Employee benefits are different ways of non-profit compensation provided by employees to employees in addition to their scheduled wages and salaries. These benefits can include: Housing (provided or paid by the employer), Comprehensive insurance packages (health, teeth, life, Etc.) This program is designed to protect and maintain income continuity for persons with disabilities, The benefits of retirement, day care, payment for children’s education, sick leave, time off (paid or unpaid), community protection, profit-sharing, educational support and many other special benefits in some other cases, such as those involving workers in the region, benefits here may also include eating.

It should be noted that job benefits enhance and improve staff relations, Which reduces the percentage of teams that encroach on the president in the same issue of work and this point is talked about in detail within the employment courses

Regulatory justice

Organizational justice is a term that refers to employees’ perceptions and perceptions of their fairness and whether staff are treated with the foundations and teachings in a fair and clear framework. In addition The behaviour resulting from this presentation is one that in turn affects the relationship between employees, In the end these actions, As an integral part of it, It also does not amount to organizational justice, and this point is discussed in detail within recruitment courses.

The importance of recruitment courses 2022 2 The importance of recruitment courses 2022

Manpower Regulation

Employees can organize in unions, which in turn represents the entire workforce, It deals and discusses with the organizers about the jobs, contract terms and services provided by employees to employees, and this point is discussed in detail within the recruitment courses.

Termination of employment

The employee will generally end their mutually beneficial relationship at any time, This termination will generally be at a predetermined, agreed time and notice. This is known as a type of work called casual employment. Contracts linking employees to employees determine the responsibilities and tasks that both parties must implement when the relationship is terminated. These responsibilities may include appropriate notice periods for termination, And the end-of-service bonus, And other safety measures and precautions.

In other professions, especially school teaching, civil servants, university professors studying students and some orchestral professions, There are some employees who have a mandatory work obligation that prevents them from leaving the service if they want to, The only solution to leave is for staff to separate themselves, a point that is discussed in detail within recruitment courses.


A worker installs rebar for a desalination plant in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Compensation for work is the social and economic relationship between the employee and the employee he works for, The worker sells his or her ability to work under a formal or informal employment contract with the employer. These transactions are usually done in the labour market, Wages are determined by market demand. For a fixed wage, The product of an individual’s work is usually the employee’s property, But in some cases, Like the intellectual property of American patents, Patent rights are usually granted directly by the inventor himself. Paid workers are those who sell their ability to work for a source of income in exchange for this sale.

However, Mixed economic systems such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to which some countries belong have become the main method of coordination and management at present. Although most of the work is done under this strict system, However, businesses pay executives, professional employees and contract workers, and jobs are sometimes compiled and classified according to professional classifications, So that “work wages” can only be applied to untrained, medium-training or manual employment, a point that is discussed in detail within employment courses.

Slavery for pay

The paid labour system is a system of mutual benefit that has been institutionalized in the current market economy and economic system, Especially by social experts and supporters of trade union authoritarianism – part of a theory aimed at removing control of factories and the economy. Companies of the economy – it is done using the word contempt and slavery for a reward. Social experts have now identified similarities between the labour trade and the use of workers as commodities and slavery. Roman statesman Cicero was also known for raising these aspects in ancient times.

Although the American philosopher John Dewey assumed that until the term feudal industry was replaced by “democratic industry”, Politicians will remain “the shadows of society and their control over large corporations”. Thomas Ferguson suggested in his investment theory based on political party rivalry that the undemanded nature of the capitalist economic system makes elections just an occasion when many investors gather and compete for control of the state.

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