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The most important ethical standards necessary for a coach

today , It is very difficult to read newspapers or listen to newscasts without confronting ethical issues, Whether it is professional ethics, journalistic ethics, medical ethics, or environmental ethics.
    The most important ethical standards necessary for a coach

The most important ethical standards necessary for a coach

When we talk about morals, We refer to the criteria used to distinguish between right and wrong, The good and the bad in thought and behaviour. and “Morality is what you do when no one meets you.” Our awareness of morals guides we make decisions in all aspects of life.
Professionals and Individuals, We are not surprised to learn that Western academic research contains ethical themes, Because graduates will learn to deal with the world as they make ethical decisions every day, And you might be surprised to find that there are universities in the US that offer more than 11,000 items. ethics courses, Since we all agree on the importance of communication in our lives, Let us understand the principles of morality.

Our discussion of ethics includes two principles:

Or not:

All parties to the communication process must bear ethical responsibilities,

for example:

Suppose the employee’s request for leave is denied, or that he has other reasons to complain to the manager, Imagine that the coach spends a lot of time in class to agitate and anger you.

Regarding parking in the wrong place or poor quality of food served on the course, and then forcing you to file a complaint with the training officer, In this case , You might lock yourself up in the hallway and ruin the place as a result, Which , The coach has used you as a means to satisfy your desires.

Everyone who knows the truth about this event will confirm that the coach’s behavior is unethical, Because it is wrong to control others and hide their true motives, At the same time, those who accept the exploitation of others are also morally responsible for what happened. ,

Trainees (regardless of age) realize that their actions have consequences, Therefore all parties to the communication must bear moral responsibility. However , All the books of recitation only discuss the ethical issues of the speaker, The ethical standard is suggested by a list of accepted and rejected by the person sending the message, But because communication is a joint event between the speaker and the listener. , Therefore, both parties must bear moral responsibility.

As for the second principle:

The attitudes and standards of moralists and listeners before, during, and after speaking and listening will overshadow their personal qualities and guide their actions.
In other words: what moralists and listeners do is not just to get rid of unethical behavior, Ethics is part of thought. It’s a kind of behaviour, Morals are not something applicable in recitation, Rather, it is a practical philosophy that applies to daily life and all situations of recitation when no one sees you. The ethics is what you have to do.
to take advantage of it, The coach or learning facilitator must take his moral responsibility, He must realize that his morals and values will prevail over his personal qualities and direct their actions in front of everyone.
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The most important ethical standards necessary for a coach

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The most important ethical standards necessary for a coach

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