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The new coach faces a lot of challenges. 1 The new coach faces a lot of challenges.

Tips for the new coach

If you are a new coach you should know that training is not just information that is passed on to people, Because this information has ways to get out, But also methods of evaluation, presentation, organization and control. Some conditions for successful training.

Top 3 tips of interest to the new coach :

I asked a group of colleagues who attended several training courses in the Arabian Peninsula and beyond what they liked and didn’t like more in the training courses, Their answers revolved around three points that would inspire any new coach.

1- The successful course focuses on the application, That is, the trainee leaves training and masters the application of something, The unsuccessful course is one in which the new trainer teaches beauty and does not train the trainee to apply. The reality of their work, But sometimes the coach tells them to find out how to apply them in reality.

2- A successful course where the new trainer can interact with the trainees through the diversity of his style, training methods, discussions, case studies, role-playing, simulation, etc. so that they can participate effectively in training. It is characterized by the style of the lecture most of the time.

3. For successful courses, The new coach provides realistic examples and has theoretical and practical experience; The coach only has theoretical experience.

If you think about these three points, You’ll find that there’s only one common denominator between them, Which is the practical or practical aspect, Which may be due to the poor loop in training courses in many places. They actually learned that.

therefore It can be said that we need to increase the use of all practical application methods such as exercises, simulations, role play, And so on. This advice touches on a common shortage of training courses, But it alone is not enough for the success of training, So every success in training must be a combination of factors.

When you need to learn how to train the new coach

There are some situations or jobs that need to be trained by the new coach, the most important of which are:

· If you are an entrepreneur, an organization that provides a service or product to consumers, of course you need a team.

· This course enables you to form, manage and train a team to market a product or perform tasks that serve your organization.

· So they get information from you very smoothly and strongly.

· Where they receive the right information from you, They have been transferred to all the basic experiences that make them productive.

· This results in various activities where people need to be trained in the first place

The new coach should stay away from them:

Here are some warnings about the training behavior that real professionals want to avoid and the new coach should know: students themselves.

  1. Overreacting and hypocrisy in the implementation of training.
  2. Many personal stories have nothing to do with the current topic.
  3. Poor preparation.
  4. Delay the start of quotas to accommodate late arrivals.
  5. Stability in one place.
  6. The new coach does not control the participants in monopoly talks.
  7. Be careful, new coach, to talk to the group with a call.
  8. If you are a new coach, avoid using childish games.
  9. Read from the monitor instead of expanding the focus.
  10. Do not finish the course on time.

The new coach should pay attention to the following:

Most new trained trainees help succeed and here are some tips from professionals that will help the new coach win the group stage:

The new coach faces a lot of challenges. 2 The new coach faces a lot of challenges.

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