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The perfect way to plan and organize training

Understand the importance of administrative and office planning in the training process and its application to training. Familiar with organizing training (before, during and after). Understand the common forms of training.
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The perfect way to plan and organize training

This means that the administrative and office plans for training are all content related to the training course and its organization, Except for the training itself, Participants cannot see it or access the training content.

The importance of administrative and office planning for training

Administrative and office planning is important for all aspects related to training,
As follows:

For trainers:

Help prepare and save plans for each training session. Coordination of trainers in appointments and meetings. Preparing and organizing literary works. Preparing training tools and utilities. Determine the name and location of the trainer for the trainee.

For trainees:

Contact trainees and send invitations to participate in training classes and lesson plans. Learn about the student’s arrival date. Solve any problems students face during their stay. Arrange any field trips or recreational activities. A list of the names and addresses of registered trainees. For the institutions organizing the training: Save the names and addresses of participants in a file to be placed in the entity’s mailing list. Save full training files for reference when needed. Standard training sessions.

Organizations funding training:

Correspondence is retained between the organization that performs the training and the financier. Get a quote for the cost of hosting the course from more than one place so that the funder can choose the right place. Record daily problems and send a copy to the financier with the budget. Send course documents and reports to the sponsor.

Identify administrative and office requirements for training

Each stage has different administrative and office needs and in order for the training programme coordinator to remember all these needs and arrange their implementation, it is preferable to divide the training stages as follows:

a) Preparation period with investors: Submit project proposals and find out who is responsible for receiving implementation contracts and funding meetings. Coordination with funders on the location and date of implementation.
B) Preparation period for training courses: Send messages to subscribers. Contact the subscriber and make sure it exists. Call where the course was planned, And get quotes, And more to choose the most suitable place to contact the coach, And coordination between the trainers, and provide them with the course schedule. Get a plan for each training course from each trainer. Document receipts for receipts, delivery of goods and photography for each trainer.
Organize literature by use through training. Set up auxiliary training tools and make sure they are suitable for the job. Purchase and prepare training documents for each trainee and the necessary office tools. Provide transportation for all training needs to reach the training site. Provide transport services to all foreign students to the course site. Prepare the amount to be used during the preparation period (petty expense cycle).

Organizing training

The start shape of the training determines the method of training. During the first session, will leave people who do not know each other, Whether they are positive or negative, A first impression, And they will be sensitive to topics like the site, And the coach, And training materials, And the expected training process, And so on.
Not paying enough attention to this stage of training can increase stress, anxiety and false impressions, This encourages early withdrawal from training courses.
Likewise, The way you remember or forget the course also depends on how the training ends: Last week, last day or last session gives participants a final impression of the session, which can confirm or change their perception of the cycle.
So , The end of the course will require a lot of attention, The opening of the course greatly enhances the overall effectiveness of the course. But even if the planning and implementation is done correctly for the beginning and the end, At any stage, Things can go the wrong way or at least the wrong way.

We reviewed the process of organizing training in three stages (the beginning of training, During and after training:

At the beginning of training:

Participants will think of many questions when starting the course, Some are the actual requirements of how to organize and manage training (the time of each semester, And rest time, And the activity schedule, And the nature of the course). Other considerations include who is the coach, and worrying about not knowing others, And loneliness, And loss of self-confidence, And so on. You can deal directly with practical and procedural issues, But to understand the reasons for the trainees’ anxiety and deal with them appropriately, The coach needs a lot of confidence and insight. However , The beginning of training is not only to provide procedures and start implementation.

Useful tips:

Introduce each other to the participants. Provide training courses (a brief overview of training objectives and methods). Explain administrative procedures (mention the total time and schedule of the meeting, And the time of rest, and the equipment, and different halls and places, Toilets and prayer places) participants should feel comfortable at the opening ceremony.

The trainee’s feeling of rejection:

Regardless of the problem, Participants may feel anxiety, anger, boredom or futility, Or they may jump out of the frame and start walking through the window.

Feeling left behind:

When the coach or some participants are bored, He’ll feel uncomfortable. The group will ignore rejection and become an obstacle to learning. Negative feelings distract the participant, distracted from the task and the learning process, It is therefore better to solve these deteriorating problems as soon as possible. It must be remembered that the occurrence of this fall is by no means a failure for the students, But the real skill of the coach is to realize that there are these falls and take positive action against them.

What to do with immersion: Ignored:

This may cause him to disappear or disappear, In any case, you will not or cannot solve the problem.

End the meeting early for a break or lunch:

If the trainee is tired or the chair becomes uncomfortable just for continuous work, This may be true, But you’re not sure where the problem is, So it may happen again.
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The perfect way to plan and organize training

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The perfect way to plan and organize training

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