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The purpose of preparing the training material bag

The preparation phase of the training bag aims to develop an operational plan for the actual training process by preparing the scientific materials and procedural steps required for implementation. Full scientific and technical standards and the training bag for the program are the final products for pre-training, And used to achieve it.
    The purpose of preparing the training material bag

The purpose of preparing the training material bag

The following  basic purposes:

1- Clarify the content, objectives, conditions, dates and objectives of the plan
2- Clarifying the training unit for each topic, its time, objectives and topics
3- Clarifying the role in training (trainer and trainee)
4. Used as a general guide to management training courses
Providing basic scientific materials and practical tools
6. Availability of skills measurement and knowledge acquisition tools

The goal of the guide:

This short guide aims to clarify technical and official standards for the preparation of training bag materials (in service) to guide them when preparing bags and using them as the basis for technical reviews. The guide also aims to help bag manufacturers arrange their content in a way that ensures the logical sequence of training units and their subjects. The training plan also provides the necessary flexibility while preparing, using and developing the bag. This guide contains two main parts, The first part is used by trainers and trainees and focuses on the content of training materials, The second part explains how to set up an implementation guide for the educational toolkit, which is for trainers only.

Or not: Training bag

Equipping a training bag for each training material so that the trainer and trainees can use it, The material bag contains five main parts, Each includes:
Part 1 (bag key):
This section contains elements related to documentation and content, It also provides an overview of the program and all its elements, This section contains the following elements:
1- The bag cover model, This includes the name of the training material, the program, the section, the name of the bag maker, the scientific references and the person who is developing the bag.
2. Main content index
3- A copy of the approved chart guide
Part 2 (range plan):
This section divides the training materials into several parts, Each part is equal to the number of units, each unit is separated by a piece of paper with the names of the following units The content of the module part includes the following elements:
1- The training unit form which includes the name of the training unit and the number of hours, behavioral goals and topics
2- Training courses: The training courses for each unit reflect the training activities required to achieve the objectives of the course within 50 or 100 minutes, Training courses include:
  • Meeting No. 
  • Time to participate in training
  • Training objectives
  • The theme of the course 
  • The basic training activities of the course (the main activities expected by the trainees are mentioned here, Detailed information on implementation procedures is mentioned in the training programme implementation manual)
Part 3 (scientific materials and applications):
This part contains the following elements: 1- Scientific materials in the form of brief definitions, in the form of definitions of terms related to the subject of the training unit, Or to determine the stages and steps that need to be understood in implementing the application. Training applications and tools for implementation
Section 4 (evaluation):
In this section, A copy of skills and knowledge acquisition tools can be attached using the trainee, Or only the type and level of evaluation can be mentioned in each training unit. As for the evaluation that the coach prefers to keep before evaluation, It must be attached to the execution guide, Taking into account the importance of linking the evaluation to the objectives of the training unit. Custom evaluation scores are also taken into account according to the weight of the training unit, Thus, the total evaluations of all units equal to the total result of the training materials, Which is worth 100 points.
Section 5 (reference):
This section contains a list of external reading materials related to the training unit, the basic references used, their classification numbers, publishers, publishing dates, and relevant page numbers that are used for scientific documentation and to help trainees refer to scientific materials. Main source

Secondly: Training bag execution guide

The program designer must prepare a training bag execution manual when preparing the bag and installing it in the same program line for scientific, technical and official review. The guide will be explained in detail after the final outputs for use by trainers when implementing training materials. This guide aims to clarify the role of the trainer in the training process by clarifying the training activities and the procedures for their implementation and management within a specific time frame, It also provides training tools and tools for performers to measure their acquisition of knowledge and skills. (Estimate).

The contents of the implementation of the training bag:

Bearing in mind that the design of the training bag execution manual will not repeat the elements contained in the package, The content of the training bag execution manual includes the following elements:
1- The cover contains the name of the material, the name of the program, the name of the section, the name of the index preparer and the date of preparation 2- the name of the training unit described in the package
3- The number of the training unit shown in the package
4- The time of the training unit specified in the bag
5. Training number referred to in the packaging bag
6- Training time specified in the packaging bag
Description of each training activity
Description of the procedures for implementing each of the training course activities
9- Identify the training tools that will be used in each training course

Annexes to the manual for the implementation of the training material:

Attached to a guide to the implementation of training materials, Including all the utilities in the training technology library, Such as slides, movie names and rating numbers; also attached to tools to measure knowledge acquisition and skills (evaluation) of resident models and models and the level allocated to each evaluation

Training bag execution guide:

Article name: -………
The name of the program:…..

Review criteria…. The result of the review…… Observations

  • Did he leave an important part of the scientific material? Yes/No
  • Have you noticed or taken care of topics that should not be addressed in detail? Yes/No
  • Is there any unnecessary duplication or overlap between the parts of the material to be submitted? Yes/No
  •  Have you thought about the logical order of topics? Yes/No
  • Is the information documented and accurate? Yes/No
  • Has it been verified that the content meets realistic and environmental requirements? Yes/No
  • Do the items in the bag meet the planned targets? Yes/No
  • Are scientific materials registered? Yes/No
  • Have you extracted scientific material from appropriate modern references? Yes/No
  • Have you developed a suitable application for the subject of each training course, And the speed of its use outweighs knowledge? Yes/No
  • Has an appropriate assessment been made of the subject of each training course? Yes/No
  • Is knowledge short and defined by the steps needed to identify and transfer skills? Yes/No

Review team

Name:…………………………………….. ……… Date………………

Name:…………………………………….. History:……………………….
Signature: ……..

Puppies of the development of the training material bag:

There are two types of development, One is the method of implementation (partial), including scientific materials, applications, methods and evaluations, The other is development that does not refer to the department of planning design and development, The development is therefore supervised by the Department. In this case , Additives are reviewed and approved to ensure they are suitable for packaging bags, Then send it to the competent department. In the printing and publishing center.
The other type is basic (complete) development, which includes the basic components of the plan, Such as adjusting the number of hours allocated to the subject in the approved plan guide, training unit, or time allocated to each unit or topic. In this case , First, we must follow the process of formulating the training plan. The project portfolio was developed based on revised content in the plan
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The purpose of preparing the training material bag

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The purpose of preparing the training material bag

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