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Dear reader we provide you with a complete guide to prepare a comprehensive training package for any topic, This complete guide contains detailed steps to design a training package from start to finish.

We influence the study company for consulting, studies and translation to share knowledge with you, We don’t just mean theoretical knowledge, But the practical knowledge based on experience steps in preparing the vocational training package mentioned in this full manual is a summary of decades of experience in preparing the ready-made training packages that we use in our consultancy and services, There is already an educational company that provides consulting, studies and translation, So read this article carefully and you’ll know the detailed steps to design a training package. Leave everything in your hands and let your heart feel the experience of the years.

In this article dear reader we will discuss the following points when you consider yourself a coach or intend to start training:

  1. What is the training bag?
  2. What is the importance of the training bag?
  3. What are the elements of the comprehensive training bag?
  4. How do I prepare a comprehensive and comprehensive training package?

The concept of the training bag:

The training package is a scientific content developed in a practical and training way in a particular profession, with content provided by specialized trainers, to train a group of trainees to achieve educational or educational goals, Or to provide a specific experience with the intention of enhancing the trainee’s experience. Packages may contain medical, social, legal or scientific content, Including meeting the objectives of the training workshop supervising the training program. It is no exaggeration to say that the comprehensive training package is half the training, Passing from head coach to head trainee.

The importance of the training bag:

The purpose of the training bag is to collect scientific information about the training process in a clear and logical sequence that is easy for the trainer to interpret and easy for the trainee to understand and digest. The primary purpose of the training bag is:

Integrated training bag components:

Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps 1 Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps

The professional training package consists of the following components:

Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps 2 Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps

Important components in the trainer and trainee guide:

Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps 3 Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps

Now that we have discussed the training packages and the importance of training packages and what training packages and important parts make up, We’ll now discuss ways to design a unique training package.

Professional training bag design steps:

From what we have mentioned, we expect steps to prepare the training bag:

  1. Select the address of the training bag:

The name of the training package refers to the characteristics of the training package and the material chart provided, Including the following points:

  1. Collecting the scientific material for the training bag:

After identifying the content above, the trainer searches for popular scientific materials that fit the direction of training, target skills and the characteristics of the two-part trainee, He finds his own popular scientific materials in previous exercises discussing the same ideas, making it easier for him to design his own training package and steps to inspire other trainers, Or at least use the same resources and references.

  1. Coordination and classification of scientific material:

The trainer catalogues the training package schedule and draws a mental map of what the training will contain, based on their own research.

  1. Choose the right exercises and exercises:

Before you start writing a training package, Trainers should look for the right exercises and activities for each of their training topics.

  1. Writing scientific material:

Once the classification is finished, The trainer begins by writing the guide of the trainer and trainee who reduces the scientific material to the cognitive level of the trainee, Focusing on the intersection of scientific content in each paragraph and the section we explain in determining the address of the training bag.

  1. Draft questionnaires and previous and subsequent tests based on written scientific materials.
  2. Evaluation of the training bag:

After the coach has finished preparing various parts of the practical training, The first experienced person oversees his own training bag and consults them to upgrade his work to a comprehensive and integrated training package.

  1. Design the PowerPoint presentations, introductory brochures, graphics, photos, and mental maps he needs.
  2. Identify technical and physical resources:

From blackboards, display boards and projectors to activity and practice tools, make sure each part is replaced in case of loss or failure, so trainers are ready for any emergencies, especially when connecting. Researchers also offer a PhD. Abdul Latif bin Saleh bin Abdullatif and D. Saleh Mohammed al-Ghamdi and Dr. Saeed Abdullah al-Qarni detail more details in the content guide training bag

At last We would like to point out that it is not easy to design a comprehensive training package, Especially for new trainees, Because it doesn’t just depend on commitment to steps, It is about the psychological requirements that must be met during the training process. . The same applies to trainees, Scientific training materials must be taken into account, But don’t be afraid, Dear coach, Experience is a gradual accumulation of errors and repeated practice.

It can be said that designing a different training package is simple and requires focus and takes into account many factors and requires a lot of time and effort, so we are here to convey your knowledge and answer any queries and meet any requests for help or expert advice.

If you are, Dear trainers, They have a short time; We offer you a design service and prepare professional training packages ready in all disciplines.

Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps 4 Trainer's guide in the training bag and 9 important steps

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