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What you want to know about effective training is its definition and objectives

Training is a planned human activity aimed at providing trainees with the beliefs, skills and knowledge needed to achieve changes in personal and organizational activities to achieve the expected goals.
    What you want to know about effective training is its definition and objectives

What you want to know about effective training is its definition and objectives

1. Traditional goals:

It is about introducing new employees to the policies and activities of their work that will organize this event – providing all information and skills to trained staff when making any changes to working methods or laws and regulations.

2. The goal of solving the problem:

Learn different ways and methods to help workers overcome problems and obstacles

3. Creative goals:

The ability to innovate, innovate and innovate using advanced customer methods to achieve high levels of work performance.

The importance of training individuals

Training is an important strategic option for any political party that wishes to train human cadres capable of meeting their work needs, rapid development and changes in their fields of work. In addition Because employees offer new knowledge and skills for their own professions, or get to know the best way to solve the problems they face in the professional process, Follow-up and training during the service period is also important. Show your work and help it avoid making mistakes and reach the required level.
Given that the global community is undergoing tremendous changes with the advent of the information age and the emergence of the communications revolution, It is urgent to develop plans for training institutions at this specified time to keep up with these changes, Therefore, The shouts would wander reconsidering the training, The content, purpose and methods of the process, Trainees can be educated at all levels. It can acquire knowledge and skills that are compatible with the nature of our time. Computers are one of the most prominent secrets of the contemporary technological revolution, which can benefit anyone who benefits from the field of training, This technique has been invested in many aspects of the training process from several angles and has provided suitable tasks for many people.
Training is also at the heart of the development process, Organizations are currently competing for their focus on training in the labour system in terms of the quality, level of training programmes and the budget ratio allocated to training. their human resources, Just as the names of people in the world of contemporary work have shifted from employees to human resources, Experts therefore compete to maximize the value of this person in their work. Economists call it human capital. Accountants call it “human” assets, Contemporary and modern management scientists call it “cognitive capital.”

Factors that determine the method of training

• Trainee: Age, sex, educational level and trainee experience must be taken into account.
• Keep in mind the training conditions: Training time, Training site, Facilities and materials available, Number of trainees. Training topics.
• Coach’s job.

Training method

Activities outside the training room
    15 professional training methods

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What you want to know about effective training is its definition and objectives

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What you want to know about effective training is its definition and objectives

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