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What you want to know about the fields of vocational training

Vocational training aims to make the workforce meet the requirements of the labor market through a specific part of the field of application, This is done through a comprehensive package of programs in the field of theoretical and practical education and in this area, It also provides opportunities for continuous development with the purpose of human energy education to help trainees develop direct executive experience throughout their careers.
    What you want to know about the fields of vocational training

What you want to know about the fields of vocational training

Traditional areas of vocational training

Traditional vocational training areas include professions, Such as: Training in traditional handicrafts and home industries, And retail, and packaging activities, And quality, And the operation and control of equipment, And cosmetics, and tourism, or training technicians in different areas of application, Regardless of whether it is medical;

New areas of vocational training

The process of formulating the vocational education plan depends mainly on the future vision of labor market demand, So as the world entered the 1920s, The government and companies will invest in part in meeting these immediate and future needs. In the first century, There was a demand for delicate professions requiring high levels of skills on the scene, This has changed the concept of vocational education and training as a level of higher education. The following is a list of vocational training in domestic and international labour markets. The most important areas have been developed and prioritized:
Food safety
Food security has become one of the current pressing issues, Especially in underdeveloped countries, With the trend of using biotechnology in the development of animal husbandry and fish farming to deal with this crisis, There is a need to provide training for this new activity. It became necessary to have enough workers.
renewable energy
People’s interest in renewable energy technologies is considered fertile ground for creating outstanding jobs, This, in turn, requires the provision of qualified employment through vocational training programmes in this area.
Desalination and treatment
In many parts of the world, Water recycling and desalination are indispensable options for dealing with the crisis of high water poverty, This makes the provision of human resources to the sector a priority in training and professional recovery.
Growing medicinal and aromatic plants
What distinguishes medicinal plants and aromatic plants is the increased demand for them locally and internationally, which makes this type of agricultural investment of great economic value, The withdrawal of some States from the planting industry also accommodates idle agriculture. The workforce played a role. Crops are water-intensive.
Waste recycling
It is believed that environmental investment in waste recycling, domestic use or waste export has additional economic value, resulting in the emergence of waste recycling projects, This has led to increased demand for employment in this sector.
In recent years, Demand for information security experts has increased. network; e-marketing; electronic content industry and other IT disciplines, So a large part of the investment in vocational training has been directed to meet the needs of the industry.
Biotechnology refers to the use of organisms or parts of them to manufacture or develop useful products, It has important applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Food and beverage industry, and treatment of sewage and waste, Despite being one of the most promising areas in the labor market around the world, However, their importance remains different in many of our Arab states.
What you want to know about the fields of vocational training

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What you want to know about the fields of vocational training

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What you want to know about the fields of vocational training

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