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Certified trainer

Learn how to become a certified trainer of the General Foundation for Technical and Vocational Training?

This goal can be achieved by obtaining a certified trainer training course, which qualifies any professional in his field to benefit others with his deep experience, and spread his knowledge through his ability to influence others, Provided that the person has leadership abilities and teaching skills, and the desire to progress and develop for the better, Knowing how to get a certified trainer certificate is the secret and magic to get to the top, And realize the dream of excellence and sophistication.

مدرب معتمد
مدرب معتمد

Conditions for obtaining accreditation from the General Foundation for Technical and Vocational Training:

To be a Saudi national.

to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent or a diploma with at least two years of experience, Unless training in professions or characters does not require qualification to perform

Healthy fitness and the ability to conduct training in accordance with special arrangements.

Licensing by field of specialization. According to his academic qualifications, unless he has officially documented experience with the approval of the foundation.

Passing professional proficiency tests, or interviews determined by the institution if it sees it, The institution may waive this to those it deems appropriate.

He must be of good conduct and has never been sentenced to a crime of honour or honesty unless he has been rehabilitated and has not been disciplined outside the public service or dismissed from the field of work. Education or training for disciplinary reasons.

Apply online and meet all requirements.

Payment of service fees

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Requirements for accreditation from the General Foundation for Technical and Vocational Training:

  1. Register for the certified trainer.
  2. Fill in personal data, educational qualifications, experience and course data.
  3. Attach a clear facial selfie to a white background.
  4. Attach a picture of the national identity.
  5. Attach a copy of the academic qualification and equalize the certificate for qualifications from foreign universities.
  6. A clear video, audio and video link that shows the face, physical integrity, sensory safety and clarification of the subject of training, skills, training abilities and training methods for at least five minutes. A virtual course can be registered without trainees for accreditation purposes
  7. Attach copies of training experience documents.
  8. Attach copies of course certificates.
  9. Pay the service fee of SR 2000.
مدرب معتمد
مدرب معتمد
Certified trainer 2 Certified trainer

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