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Design and preparation of educational videos.

Explaining the details in educational videos is one of the best ways to indoctrinate online to communicate information properly and teach others in a vital and convincing way.

Design and development of an interactive video training course without a trainer

Interactive remote video is a technology that takes advantage of video and computer properties to view videos in a piecemeal manner, Each represents a separate screen, With the opportunity for the student to control and choose according to the speed of the learner and himself. ability It can repeat and review the scenes and topics in the program or install the image displayed and reach any framework in the program designed by our team of professional designers, With the highest quality

Design and development of a video tutorial without a teacher

Educational video designed to be a powerful and stimulating tool for students, It depends on how you use this video, Using it is not an end, but a means of achieving educational goals, and can be calculated as a means where students discover knowledge of themselves.

Design and development of an interactive video training course with a trainer

We master the design process of training materials and use them to create unique training content and set clear goals and objectives for design and development of training materials, then we develop standards and methods of evaluation for the success of the training course.

Design and development of a video tutorial with a teacher

We create vidat in a creative way, especially for learning activities, games, exercises, examples, and develop skills to develop effective presentation materials, Brochures and exercise brochures.

حمل النموذج المجانى

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حمل النموذج المجانى