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Design of training bags pdf

مؤسسة حقيبتك
The pdf, doc, ppt training bag design phase aims to formulate the operational plan for the actual training process through Preparing the scientific materials and procedural steps required for implementation, we are at your bag institution to prepare and design training bags, design training bags prong and professionally, we prepare according to the objectives of training, knowledge, skills and methods and methods of training that have been specified. In the design phase, and to aim, The training bag to ensure that the training and implementation plan depends on sound scientific and technical standards.
دورة اعداد الحقائب التدريبية

Contents of pdf, doc, ppt:

Due to the design of the training bags pdf, doc, ppt and do not repeat the items in the training bag, The content of the training bag design guide includes the following elements:

  • The cover contains the name of the training material as mentioned in the package
  • The name of the programme is as mentioned in the training bag.
  • And the name of the department as stated in the training bag .
  • The name of the author of the catalog and the date of preparation.
  • The name of the training unit shown on the package.
  • The training unit number as shown inthe training bag .
  • The exact time of the training unit as mentioned in the training bag.
  • The training number shown in the training bag.
  • The training time is indicated as mentioned on the training bag.
  • Class for each training session
  • Description of procedures
  • Implementation of each course activity
  • Select training tools to be used at each training session
دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة

Prepare the design of training bags pdf, doc, ppt

This period includes procedural steps to prepare the design of training bags pdf, doc, ppt as follows:

– Prepare the design of training bags pdf, doc,ppt: Taking into account the examination of the real training needs of trainees using methodological methods and systems analysis, It is necessary to pay attention to the relationship of the content to the educational objectives to be achieved and to be scientifically correct and fulfill the application and sufficient to give a intuitive opinion about the article
– Select training content in its final form: by dividing the content into a series of lessons based on the logical sequence of tasks, Each training lesson must contain the following components: Lesson number, Entitled The general purpose of the lesson, Educational objectives, the content of the lesson, its activities and a summary of it.
Planning course activities: Complete the planning of content training efforts in line with technical requirements and international standards for electronic content design, So as to achieve interactive self-training, It is completed at this stage by determining the period of training and the types of interaction (interaction between the trainee and the content
– Interaction between trainees – interaction between the trainer and the trainee – interaction between the trainee and the front side of the interaction
The climate of site preparation and training: Planning an online training site ensures that the content of training is eliminated to support interactive lessons in different ways, With interest in subsequent criteria: Hosting the site on a solid server, An easy, organized and scalable home page that coordinates well for training content, The site of inclusion methods of estimating the trainees, Technical and educational support, Availability of direct and indirect communication with trainees, Own a flow map of the flow chart to explain the frequency of training site pages and links contained (the pages of the training site have been diversified according to their purpose), And having an approach to managing LMS training content, Which was prepared by taking into account the following: Compliance with international standards for e-training ADL/SCORM1.2, IMS question and interoperability test, And provide coordination with a database of information for trainees to enable them to enter the place, And the formula for most of the functions assigned to the interactive e-training benefits systems associated with the facility training courses, Determine how to enroll targeted trainees, Supporting the Arabic language, Ease of use, Providing technical support, The presence of electronic chat devices between the trainer and the trainees. In the light of what earlier, The duration of the training site strategy goes beyond the following steps: Select languages and site setting programs: Html language was used to design the site through dream Weaver’s help, Just as Java Script was used on the home page, And the user name and password entry page, And the self-change page, And the direct dialogue page.
مؤسسة حقيبتك

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