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تحميل حقيبة تدريبية متكاملة مجاناً
تحميل حقيبة تدريبية متكاملة مجاناً

Carry a full training bag for free

A free integrated training bag consists of the following points:

Training material bag

The article mentions the prepared bag and the training program, which includes a model so that the trainer and trainee can use it, consisting of five main sections, each containing the following:

Section 1 (bag key):

This part consists of the following elements:

  1. The bag must be distinguished by the name of the material, program, sector, creator and references
  2. Main Content Index
  3. Certified program guide from image

Section 2 (Article Plan):

This is presented to this training section with a paper with the name of the unit and the individual names of each unit separated by a number equal to the penalty with a paper bearing the name of the following part, the content of each part of the following elements:

  1. The training unit model containing the name of the training unit, the number of hours, its behavioral goal and its topics
  2. The training courses for each unit reflect the training activities needed to achieve the objectives of the course within a specific 50 or 100-minute time frame, including:
    • Session No.
    • Training session takes time
    • Training session topics
    • Topics of the training session
    • Basic training activities of the course (main activities expected by the trainee are mentioned here, as for the details of the implementation procedures, which are placed in the training bag implementation manual)

Section 3 (Scientific Applications Article):
On this part, the following contains the following elements:
The first step in teaching the unit is to identify or explain the basic terms used in the lesson, which requires implementation not to take steps in advance.

Section 4 (evaluation):
In this section you can include a copy of the skills and knowledge acquisition measurement tools or mention the type and grades of the evaluation for each training unit and the distribution of grades is taken into account the evaluation by the weight of the training unit so that the total evaluations for all units are equivalent to the overall result of the training material which is equivalent to 100 degrees

Section 5 (references):

This section contains a list of external readings related to the training unit, which will be used as references in scientific documentation, which give classification numbers to each reference so that the trainee can use them when referring to the main sources of scientific material.

Secondly: Training bag execution guide

The bag designer prepares a guide to carry out the training bag while preparing the bag and attaching it to the bag and follows the same procedural line of scientific, technical and official review, this guide is separated after its final release to be ready for use by the training team when implementing the materials

This guide aims to clarify the role of the trainer in the training process by clarifying training activities and their implementation and management procedures within a specific time frame and provides the implemented guide with training tools and tools to measure the acquisition of knowledge and skills (evaluations)

Carry a full training bag for free

The contents of a free integrated training bag: –

Taking into account the design of the training bag execution manual, the items in the bag should not be repeated.

  1. The cover page contains the title of the course, the name of the program, the name of the sector and the name of the author.
  2. The name of the training unit as mentioned in an integrated training bag
  3. The number on the bag as mentioned in the book
  4. Training unit time as mentioned in an integrated training bag
  5. The training session number as shown in the bag
  6. Course time as mentioned in the bag
  7. Description of training activities for each session
  8. Description of the procedures for carrying out each of the course activities
  9. Identify the training methods to be used in each training session
Attachments guide to the implementation of the article entered an integrated training bag free of charge:

All means of assistance such as slides, movie names and classification numbers are attached to the training manual, the guide also includes tools to measure knowledge and acquire skills (ratings), and typical solutions for it, And the grades allocated to each evaluation

تحميل حقيبة تدريبية متكاملة مجاناً
تحميل حقيبة تدريبية متكاملة مجاناً

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