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More than 30 years of experience in preparing and designing ready-made training bags and developing curricula through a specialized academic team we have been able to develop curricula and training bags to benefit more than 25,000 trainees with a total of 500,000 training hours in various training fields across the Arab world.
We believe that we are on a mission to develop training content in our Arab homeland.
مؤسسة حقيبتك

In order to create a training bag that is not only full of information, But also exciting to read, You have to make a plan for it. Here’s an explanation of some of the key points you need to consider to prepare the best training bag, including – without a doubt – the basic components of the package, the content of the training bag and its design to be structured and compatible with the content provided. Here is the content and design of the training bag.

Our training bags.

267 family ready training bags

1585 administrative ready training bags

899 social ready training bags

462 ready-to-do training bags

1633 ready-to-do training bags

319 technological ready-made training bags

785 financial ready training bags

1439 professional ready training bags

Using the latest research methods and technology, Your bag team prepares special training bags that make you a leader in your specialized training field, With all the modern training tools, you can take your course and you are sure that the trainees will succeed. Away from imitation and repetition, You can now get your training bag and make sure you excel and succeed. Based on the great effectiveness provided by the training bags for educational and executive programs. The truth is that there are no fixed or uniform models, So they are basically creative. It was designed based on accumulated experience and knowledge, But we can help create successful training portfolios by providing you with the similarities and commonalities that successful training portfolios effectively meet.

8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة

Steps to prepare the training bag:

For the first component: The main key in the training bag includes all the elements related to the training bag.

And also the goals you seek to reach, So are the contents of the bag.

Component 2: Theoretical training content. The theoretical form is a framework within the training bag.

We find all the information that supports the trainee and helps him understand the content of the bag. So is the ability to implement basic practical applications.

Component 3: Hands-on content. It is represented in the basic practical applications within the training bag, And what was produced by the basic training units.

Therefore, each training unit includes a number of training courses, which in turn includes a number of training activities necessary to achieve the desired goals, One of them is a training bag within a specified period of time.

alif Component 4: The evaluation component of the training bag. A component responsible for providing the tools to evaluate training content, measure indicators and see how appropriate they are to achieve goals.

Component 5: Various educational resources and accompanying educational means. And it is an important and very necessary component where it focuses on how educational means work, It highlights the role of educational materials that accompany the training bag.

This directly affects ensuring the appropriateness of scientific material and training content, helping the trainer and trainee achieve the goals set out in the training bag.

Step 6: The components of the training bag must be organized to pave the way for building and shaping activities in such a way that the two sides are compatible with each other.

Step 7: Production of training bags according to the data of scientific analyses and tests, In accordance with international quality standards.

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