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Before you start the pdf training bag preparation guide , It must be well prepared, By studying the curriculum in depth, and identify similar topics and activities that can be produced as an educational portfolio to serve, and study the benefit that can be achieved. . Through this bag, and the extent to which its positive effects on students are reflected, which contributes to raising their level of thinking and helps simplify the laws and theories contained in the curriculum, and make it easier for them to understand, and help consolidate it. in the minds of students.

Components of the pdf training bag preparation guide:

A- An overview (overview) explaining the content, purpose and importance of the training bag to the learner.

B- Specific and clearly worded educational objectives, Which puts the concepts, skills and values that the portfolio deals with in the form of measurable behavior patterns.

C- The multiplicity of educational activities and materials that suit the characteristics of the learner and help him achieve the goals.

Additional and optional activities for evaluation, enrichment or treatment for those with attainment deficiencies.

E- Measuring tools (tests) that help the learner to know the extent to which he achieved educational goals (before, Self And yet).

And – a guide for the learner explains to him how to study the educational program or teaching, The guide may be recorded on an audio cassette tape in addition to the printed instruction manual.

G- A list of sources and references that the learner can refer to.

H- The teacher’s guide shows how to guide the learner towards achieving goals.

دليل إعداد الحقيبة التدريبية pdf
دليل إعداد الحقيبة التدريبية pdf

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One of the following methods can be used in the pdf training bag preparation guide:

  • First: Equipping the manual for preparing the pdf training bag so that it serves a specialized scientific subject (such as light, And the eye, And magnetic, And ablution, And her sisters, Collecting and dividing … Etc.).
  • Second: Preparing the pdf training bag preparation manual to serve a range of experiences that may be similar or different in its material such as the training bag for the general science curriculum of the first grade … Etc.

Either way, You should follow the following steps when planning the pdf training bag preparation guide :

1- Curriculum analysis: With the aim of identifying the experiments to be carried out in each article and row separately as follows:

A- Preparing tables as described in the following:

  • Classification: Subject: Example (Biology)
  • Test number
  • Experience or activity name
  • Required devices and tools
  • Models and models
  • Chemicals
  • Microscopic strips prepared
  • Educational paintings and lips
  • What can be saved from the environment

2. Initially, the names of all the required devices, tools and educational materials are placed in the research curriculum in the field of devices and tools, The trial number displayed in the device is then marked (*).

3- Limiting common educational devices, tools and materials that serve similar experiences in a subject (e.g. ablutions), for example, And divide experiences into several groups based on common tools and tools (the same topic may contain more than one training bag, It can contain more than one subject in one training bag).

4- Develop the appropriate mechanism for the production and manufacture of these devices and tools so that they can be limited to a single training bag.

5- Preparing transparent slides and slides: Through what it contains some of the skills needed for these experiments can be clarified, What these transparent slides and slides can contain: (Photos of educational paintings, Steps to conduct the experiment, Security and safety warnings and an explanation of some theories and laws. Etc.).

Providing or equipping the required permanent microscopic slides.

7- Preparing the theoretical material required for each educational bag, which includes:

Categories that can benefit from the pdf training bag preparation guide.

  • Investigators are provided with a training bag.
  • Experiments that can be conducted from the pdf training bag preparation guide.
  • Steps to conduct each training bag separately.
  • A detailed explanation of the theoretical and scientific concepts of each experiment.
  • Security and security in dealing with each device or tool inside the training bag.
  • Security and safety procedures to be followed when conducting each experiment.
  • Pdf training bag setting manual properties

Many educators agreed that educational bags have several characteristics, the most important of which are:

An integrated self-learning education program.

B- The goal is focused where the objectives are one of its most important pillars.

C- Taking into account individual differences so that the learner can start according to the concepts he mastered.

D- A crossroads in it. Each learner must determine the path that suits him.

E. Pay attention to speed. Each learner has his own learning pace.

The multiplicity of activities and means, which of course increases the learner’s attention and meets his needs.

Divide the content of the training bag guide into training units or bags:

  1. Based on the homogeneity of the topics, Each unit contains:
  2. Tribal self-assessment that enables the trainee to know his level before training
  3. A scientific material that is as brief as it helps the trainee understand the terms and interact with the required activities and applications. It’s written and part of it may be visible on a video or CD.
  4. Training activities and applications in which the element of suspense and diversity must be so that the trainee chooses what suits him, The trainee is paid for further research and exploration and provided with feedback through supporting materials and supplements.
  5. Photos, shapes and models needed for clarification and application
  6. Self-assessment papers. The trainee can do his own after every part of the activities or content he or she performs that should focus on measuring the level of behavior and roles, not just knowledge. It can be converted into supplements.
  7. Intermediate instructions make it easier for the trainee to deal and interact with activities, applications, scientific materials, images, shapes and models.
  8. References and sources that can be consulted in this part of the training bag.
  9. Evaluation after graduation that enables the trainee to know his level after training.
دليل إعداد الحقيبة التدريبية pdf
دليل إعداد الحقيبة التدريبية pdf

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