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PMP course training bags

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The pmp course training bag design phase aims to formulate the operational plan for the actual training process by preparing the scientific materials and procedural steps required for implementation, we are in your bag institution to prepare and design training bags, design training bags prong and professionally, we prepare according to the objectives of training, knowledge, skills and methods of training that have been specified. In the design phase, the training bag aims to ensure that the training and implementation plan is based on sound scientific and technical standards.
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PMP course training bags

Professional training bag design steps:

In light of what we have mentioned, we expect steps to prepare the training bag:

Select the address of the training bag:

The address of the training bag means the characteristics of the training bag and the lines of materials provided, specifically the following points:
Identify the objectives of the training bag and the training directions to be held.
Defining the characteristics of the target group of trainees (age – educational attainment – social class – economic class – social status).
Identify the skills and knowledge targeted for training.

Collecting the scientific material for the training bag:

After determining the above the trainer is looking for scientific material that suits the training trends, and target skills, And the characteristics of the two types of trainees, And looking for his scientific material in previous training exercises that discussed the same idea, It’s easy for him to design his training bag, see the steps of other trainers or use the same sources. And references. Especially.

Coordination and classification of scientific material:

Where the trainer indexes the schedule of the training bag in the light of his research, He draws a mental map to be trained.

Choose the right exercises and exercises:

Before embarking on the step of writing the training bag, The trainer should look for exercises, exercises and activities that suit each of his training topics.

Writing the scientific article:

After the classification is completed, The coach begins by writing the guide of the trainer and the trainee, And simplify the scientific material to the level of knowledge of the trainees, Focusing on the intersection of scientific content in each paragraph with the parts we explained in the definition. The address of the training bag.

Evaluation of the training bag:

After preparing all the parts of the reality of training, The trainer uses the first experiment to oversee his training bag, Consult with them to upgrade his work to a comprehensive and integrated training file.

Create the PowerPoint presentation, brochure, graphics, photos, and mental maps they need.

Identify technical and material resources:

From a blackboard, Display panel, projector, Activities and training tools, and make sure that there is an alternative for each part in case of loss or collapse, so that the coach is ready for any emergency, Especially in terms of connections.

حقائب تدريبية دورة pmp
حقائب تدريبية دورة pmp

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مؤسسة حقيبتك
مؤسسة حقيبتك

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