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حقائب تدريبية مهارات معلمين
حقائب تدريبية مهارات معلمين

Teacher skills training bags

Teaching is a great profession, where it contributes to transferring human experience and inheriting human experiences, Without it the humanities stop and life freezes People will not reach the advanced level of technology, luxury and civilization, they enjoy it today. It is necessary to pay attention to the training of the skills of effective teachers; And because the level of students is related to the teacher’s performance level, It is necessary to improve their performance in creative teaching, In order to raise the level of creativity among students through training bags skills teachers .

The preparation of training bags requires the skills of teachers who are able to cope with all these transformations and changes to rethink the concept, content and method of teacher training systems on new foundations based on effective scientific strategies that accommodate the physical and human capabilities available from here. Different countries have begun to compete for the development of teacher training systems in a comprehensive manner, And sometimes partly, And at other times. The development and reform of teacher training has begun to receive a great deal of attention in various countries in an effort to improve their educational systems and thereby improve their outcomes. One of the most prominent results of the contemporary and future challenges facing education in the world is that of the role of teachers in the educational process in light of the rapid change and transformation of the economic aspects.

Successful teacher skills (teacher skills training bags)

One of the most important skills a successful teacher has is:


A successful teacher is interested in preparing the lesson before the lesson very carefully, This is to avoid error and repetition while explaining the lesson and to protect it from embarrassment in answering students’ questions.

Mental preparation:

The teacher prepares the students and makes them enjoy the lesson by provoking and attracting them with certain things, whether from reality or by asking interesting questions before starting the lesson, Or using interesting, purposeful and clear educational means.

Diversification of stimuli:

which is that the teacher does not depend on one specific type of stimuli, It diversifys and uses it throughout his explanation of the lesson so that the student remains awake and eager to study.

The use of educational means:

When using educational means to explain the lesson, The teacher must realize what the purpose of using it is and whether it is suitable for the lesson and the subject he wants to deliver to the students, And whether it is suitable for the student. The level of students in the class, The teacher is advised to leave the student to discover the objectives of the lesson alone through this method.

5- Clarity of explanation and interpretation:

A successful teacher has language and mental abilities that enable him to explain the lesson in an easy and accessible way so that students can understand and understand it without obstacles.

حقائب تدريبية مهارات معلمين
حقائب تدريبية مهارات معلمين

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Characteristics of a successful teacher (teacher skills training bags)

A successful teacher has many characteristics, including:

Do not expect praise or reciprocity from students or their parents.

A successful teacher knows when to ignore his students and when to listen to them.

Sincerity, commitment and belonging.

honesty and humility.

Follow interesting ways that break boredom Especially in rigid topics such as Arabic grammar.

go out to give lessons in nature.




Attention to appearance and order.

Good and good morals.

You have a sense of humor.

The power of personality.


Communicate with parents.

Solve the problems of students of all kinds, whether they are at home with their parents or at school among the students themselves.

The successful teacher learns constantly and develops himself, His knowledge does not stop at a certain limit or degree.

A successful teacher encourages dialogue and discussion between his students

One of the most important qualities a teacher must have to be a successful teacher is:

The teacher must be educated and familiar with developments in modern teaching methods and means, And try to apply them while giving the lesson.

to have a strong, cooperative, tolerant and determined personality for the benefit of the student and teacher, It is characterized by intelligence and justice.

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