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Teaching is a great profession, It contributes to the transfer of human experience and the inheritance of human experiences, Without it, the humanities will stop and life will freeze, Human beings will not reach the advanced level of technology, well-being and civilization. . They enjoy it today.

It is necessary to pay attention to the training of effective teachers ; And because the level of students is related to the teacher’s performance level, Their performance in creative teaching must be improved, In order to raise the level of creativity among students.

The preparation of training bags for teachers who are able to cope with all these transformations and changes requires a review of the concept, content and method of training systems for teachers on new foundations based on effective scientific strategies that accommodate the material and human potential available here. Different countries have begun to compete for the development of training systems for teachers in a comprehensive way, And sometimes partly, And other times. The issue of developing and reforming teacher training has begun to see a great deal of attention in various countries in an effort to improve their educational systems and thereby improve their outcomes. One of the most prominent results of the contemporary and future challenges facing education in the world is that of the role of teachers in the educational process in the context of change and rapid transformation in economic aspects.

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Is a set of training activities shared between students and teachers in training bags for teachers , which depends on the exchange of ideas and information on the subject, Thus, the role of the teacher shifts from the sole source of information to a mentor and participant of students in the subject of the lesson based on discussion, dialogue and research so that students can understand the subject clearly.

Teacher training bag targets

  • Teaching is about making a difference in the student’s behavior.
  • Analysis of the teacher’s work and its relationship to environmental reality.
  • Achieving a common vision towards the school and its function in line with global and local variables.
  • Differences and relationship between effective and less effective teachers.
  • Multiple skills to deal with student problems.
  • Body language between acceptance, presentation and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the technical competence of the teacher and his dealings with the scientific and educational authorities in general and the educational center in particular.
  • Criteria for measuring the achievement of goals and the impact of the teacher’s competence on them.
  • Effective influence of the teacher on educational outcomes.

Training for teachers is related to teaching methods and methods that stimulate thinking, and the administration of democracy for discussion, And create learning, and achieve the motivation for self-learning.


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The most effective types of learning initiatives are those designed to bridge the gap between the current performance level and the desired results, because they positively and directly affect business results, and to achieve this impact we offer this course , which follows a practical and interactive methodology in presenting the principles of designing and implementing educational programs within the context of professional work environments.

It also seeks to translate learning theories into practical initiatives that allow learner training to improve and support the trainer (teacher) by informing him of what to focus on while delivering educational content, making it easier for those responsible for training and development programs to make recommendations and implement the best educational solutions. This course follows a practical and interactive approach, This enables participants to master the necessary skills in all aspects and stages of learning design in the work environment.

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Custom-made training bags

Design and implementation of a training bag according to the axes, number of days required and target group

Training bags available and ready for delivery

A range of ready-made training bags equipped for immediate delivery and immediate delivery! After adding the trainer's information to it

Development and restructuring of bags

The service includes redesigning and preparing the scientific curriculum professionally and re-taking the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive style! Makes your training session great!

From this it is clear that when determining the content of training bags for teachers we need to prioritize and importance the information as follows:

A) First priority: Is the basic information you should know about the subject to achieve the objectives of theteacher training bag , which if it is not displayed do not understand the subject in any way.

b) Second priority: The information to be known, It is useful information that supports and adds value to basic information. Includes information that helps train teachers to understand the subject well and deepen their knowledge of it.

Third priority: Information you're fine to know. It is incidental information that can be provided if given the opportunity and time. Includes historical general information and small details that may be worth identifying.

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