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حقيبة تدريبية عن العمل التطوعي pdf
حقيبة تدريبية عن العمل التطوعي pdf

Training bag for volunteering pdf

Definition of volunteerism

Volunteering is a key factor in building society and spreading social cohesion among citizens in any society. Volunteerism is a human practice that has been closely linked to all meanings of good and good work for all people since God created the earth, human beings and creatures on it. Volunteer social work has taken many primitive forms. Imposed by the human instinct that makes people rush to help each other because of the need for integration and cooperation by members of society.

There are many forms and types of volunteering according to society, education and awareness, and the extent of problems and needs imposed on it, and volunteerism increases in times of crisis, disaster and war, It is reduced in times of prosperity and stability.

The importance of volunteering

  1. Increasing familiarity and developing respectable ties between different strata of society.
  2. Promoting the values of cooperation and partnership among members of society outside the formal and traditional framework.
  3. Activating the role of local groups such as activity clubs, small businesses, schools and associations in the service of the community.
  4. Work to raise the level of social service.

Benefits of a training bag for volunteering pdf

Volunteering offers many distinct benefits that differ from any other work, most notably:

Volunteering is a good choice to gain important experiences that give a positive result to the volunteer himself and the organization in which he works, During this work a person acquires some new skills, It improves some of his other skills.

Volunteering and related activities help maintain community development.

Volunteering helps to exploit leisure time and turn it into useful voluntary activities.

Volunteering works to alleviate problems affecting the individual and society.

Volunteering helps increase people’s ability to socialize with others

Goals of a training bag on volunteering pdf:

• Learn about the importance andobjectives of volunteering.
Learn about the culture of volunteering.
The ability to participate in the areas of volunteerism.
Identify the motives for volunteering.
• Uses the benefits of volunteering as an encouraging factor in its practice.
• Knows his rights and duties as a volunteer.
• Uses tools to attract volunteers to encourage them to volunteer.
• Learn about the size of volunteering in the Kingdom and how it can be developed.

حقيبة تدريبية عن العمل التطوعي pdf
حقيبة تدريبية عن العمل التطوعي pdf

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Motivations for volunteering

There are many things and circumstances that drive individuals and communities to participate in volunteerism, Although participation in volunteering may be considered difficult because of the effort, time and money it requires, But there are many things. The motives for establishing volunteerism. and to participate in it Those motives can be summarized as follows:
  • Religious motives: The motives of the individual are to please Allah almighty and to approach him by doing good.
  • Psychological motivations: Where an individual’s motivations are a sense of value, conscience and a desire to feel proud of what he or she does.
  • Social motivations: His motives are summarized by the love of his community, his desire to improve his conditions and development and to do his duty to the members of the community itself.
  • Personal motivations: They are shaped by an individual’s personal problems, and his or her desires based on personal experiences to help a particular group or to pay amounts he feels obliged to pay.
  • Value motives: These motives come from the values and morals that exist in each individual from his or her true origins
حقيبة تدريبية عن العمل التطوعي pdf
حقيبة تدريبية عن العمل التطوعي pdf

Training bag hubs on volunteering pdf:

A form of the training bag axes is prepared at the request of the setup team, Because of the different training needs between the trainers, And the length of the course, and different number of days The continuity of theoretical and practical development. Content in line with the training market.

Content of a training bag on volunteering pdf:

– The scientific material of the bag, which is given to the trainee, Word file-shaped is fully adjustable.

– Training presentation slides in an open and editable PowerPoint image file.

– In addition, In the training department there is a trainer’s guide to using the training bag, In addition to a set of training wisdom and brief advice to vaccinate the scientific material.

Components of a training bag for volunteering pdf:

  • The bag consists of a trainer’s guide, an intern’s guide, an assistive video guide, activities, profile and evaluation forms.
  • The course and file of the lines used for the absence of a defect in the coordinations.

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