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ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية

What's the training bag?

What is the definition of a training bag? How can the coach benefit from a successful training course? Training bags are one of the tools that complement their use in the exercise, Just as it is a guide and guide to a number of procedures from which the technical director and trainee can benefit, This is in order to achieve the purposes of training.

What's the training bag?

The training bag is a specialized training content for a specific training course designed by a designer of the training bags or the course instructor himself.

Training bags feature:

What's the training bag? 1 What's the training bag?


Training bags are an absolutely integrated system, Where there are a set of targets that the bag is trying to provide, Includes different efforts and experiences, It also has a correction and feedback format that plays a role in investigating the objectives of the training bag.

What's the training bag? 2 What's the training bag?


Methodology is an important specification for training facts, Where the preparation of those bags must be written off according to certain approaches, Scientific and organized.

ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية

Use multiple aids and training activities

The use of various methods and techniques should be eliminated throughout the use of training bags.

ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية

Full interest in the training process and its results

This feature is one of the most important characteristics that should be found in training bags, The role of the training bag is focused not only on explaining the scientific material but also on assessing the trainer's understanding of the training course.

خصائص الحقيبة التدريبية
What's the training bag?

What are the benefits of the training bag?

The training bag serves as the assistant guide for the trainer in the course

1- Help the coach to save his time and effort during the training course

2- Setting specific goals for the training course, What will the trainee benefit from the course and how the coach will explain this.

3- Draw clear outlines in front of the coach to clarify how the coach through the training bag will clarify the objectives of the training course so that the trainees understand and absorb them

Providing various sources with different sources on the topics of the training course.

5- Provide a variety of practical examples suitable for the course.

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