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12 points to build the first step-by-step training course


Although virtual learning and advanced Internet technology have changed many things today, However, the establishment of online training and education courses has not changed much. This guide is divided into two parts. The first part of this guide will cover all the knowledge needed to write the first course, From concept to supply and delivery to students.
12 points to build the first step-by-step training course
12 points to build the first step-by-step training course

12 points to build the first step-by-step training course

The second part of this article will discuss what other people who have created the courses say and how to turn online seminars into other sources of income for your website. Learn from their mistakes and success.

1. Choose a theme

Your first step in creating an online training course is to choose a subject to teach. This should be perfect:

1 A. One topic you know well if you want to teach others, You need to understand the subject from the inside out. Imagine if you were standing in front of a room full of people and asking you this question. Can you answer these questions easily or will you be puzzled? If other people understand the subject well, or better than the topic That’s fine. It is important at this stage that you know her well.
1 b. better than other courses in the same subject once you select the subject, You can view other courses on the same topic. What do you cover each cycle? Are there videos or other materials attached? Study other courses carefully. right Now , Try to find gaps in these tours. Are there topics that have not been fully explained or skipped? Does adding video improve the cycle? What else can you offer? If you don’t have anything else to add, Try to think of a unique way to pack your course.
for example , You can link topics to popular TV shows or movies. We’ve done a lot of articles like this here, Such as “How to run a blog like shark extraction from a shark basin” and “learning from vampire diaries on how to keep readers engaged.” By compiling the topic in a unique way, It can help students better understand the subject.
The theme of one point is that you are full of passion although it is important to choose a common theme, If you think it’s the stupidest thing anyone can do, And you will never change a frame, Don’t choose a course to learn how to change the frame. You may know a lot about it, But if you are not interested in this subject and you teach others, This cycle will collapse. Have you ever told a professor in class that you don’t want to go there? Isn’t that interesting? right Now , Think of teachers who are keen to share knowledge with you. You probably have a lot of these.

2. Choose a delivery platform


Emails and chat room

If you don’t want to mess with the platform, You can also send courses through the mailing list, A new training course will be sent to users every few days. Another option is an old online chat room, You can meet students online and improve your class on a specific date and time. after that , The student asks any questions that still need to be answered. Although it is impossible to list all options, I have explored some of the most common options in the second part of this guide. After preparing for the course, Be sure to check them out.

3. Write your course


After choosing the platform, It will be easier to write a course because you will know the format required to create a cycle. for example , If you plan to offer video lessons, You need to write texts to follow up and practice recorded lessons. The quality and depth of the content are some of the things to keep in mind when writing the course, people who take the course don’t know what you know. He or she is a beginner, So start from scratch.
Create and select a list.
  • Also make sure you select it in the course when you mention it for the first time.
  • Write easy-to-download and absorb content.
  • Use titles and dot codes and divide the content as much as possible.
  • Ask someone to read your work to help you record and correct misspellings.
  • Enter a test batch to view the course and tell you if there are any spaces to fill.
  • Writing a course and potential registration is one of the most time-consuming parts of online sales courses.

4. Modify for easy reading

right Now , You may have a very great training session. In here You must suspend the project for about a week. Then go back, and take a look with new eyes Make sure everything is easy to read. Read the whole session aloud, Or let the reader read it to you. This will help you hear any drafting problems and pick up any strange phrases or misspellings. Even if your prose is gramomically correct, It is important to complete this step. It can make your course difficult for students to understand what’s happening.

5. Add extras

Now it’s time to add some additional items to the course. Remember that you want your course to be different. If you choose more topics that people want to know, There may already be other courses on your subject. What makes you different? Why should people share your courses with others?
Keep in mind the addition of:
  • Project Work Video Interviews with other experts other materials on topics related to the list of questions and answers from previous chapters or seminars links to other sources that users find useful, such as books or websites.
  • Please be careful when linking to other locations in the course.
  • You don’t want users to start reading other websites and never go back to your website.
  • Be selective and just share things that can really enhance your material.
  • If you can write your content and submit it to readers, It is best to create your own content and keep traffic.

12 points to build the first step-by-step training course

6. Market your course

You can build the best track anyone has written, But if no one accepts it, It won’t bring you much.
Marketing your courses online is critical.
Ways online marketing courses
  • Create a dedicated website to explain what the course offers potential students.
  • Create a blog and publish blogs related to the course, But do not provide content in the course.
  • Share/promote your content on social media and connect with your target audience.
  • List your courses in guides such as CourseIndex.com.
  • Create mailing lists and collect email addresses.
  • You also need to think outside the box. for example , Can you send guest posts on sites that don’t compete with your site but have a similar target audience? Another idea is to attend meetings, You can communicate with potential students.

7. Interacting with students

After selling the course for the first batch of students, You’ll need to present the best experience they’ve ever had in an online training course. This will encourage them to offer training courses to your family and friends. In addition If you write another course in the future, It will attract a large audience.
  • Set up an automated answerer so that the moment they sign up for a course, students can get detailed information about when the course starts and how to access it.
  • Place reminders throughout the process to prevent students from distracting them and forgetting to complete the course.
  • Unless you have thousands of students (unlikely to start learning), Set rules on a personal level and make sure students enjoy this course.
  • inCounting the completion of the first part of the course, It’s good to do half of it and then ask for an evaluation at the end of the course.
  • Encourage students to sign up for your mailing list so they can stay in touch even after the course is finished.
  • This may also provide you with other sales opportunities in the future.

8. Find new topics of questions

You can also develop short courses that complement your initial theme. One of the best ways to find these topics is to look at and answer questions asked by your students in detail. for example , If your course is about painting a room, Your students continued to ask about the best way to paint the ceiling, You may want to add a separate follow-up lesson to paint the ceiling. Sometimes, The question leads to a deeper discussion, You can add a full training course and prepare a second training course for students. However , In most cases, These issues will lead to a brief supplement to the first cycle. These additional materials can save money that you may not have earned.

9. Strength of remaining income

You may have heard of the remaining income before. This basically happens when you work once but you earn money indefinitely. for example , If you’re writing a book, So sell it, You can get ownership of the book as long as you sell it. Online courses are fairly similar. After the establishment of the course, You will continue to raise funds over time. Remember that the remaining income requires you to continue marketing your website and products. Otherwise It will be difficult for potential customers to find you, Your sales will be delayed over time. Remaining income is critical to your business. You can only write a course so fast, But since the course will make money long after it is completed, You can write the second session while presenting the first session, Then the third session, And the fourth cycle and soon. Over time, You should get a fixed source of income without having to do a lot of overtime.

10. Other ways to invest your courses

You also need to look for other ways to monetize the course. As I mentioned before, You can offer additional courses and termination courses. You can also provide individual training. This will provide students with special training sessions to help them understand concepts. for example , I used to offer writing and English courses to my current students. Offer online training courses and a person. At first, I only taught courses, But then I started to provide some additional services, Like individual teaching, Help college admissions to articles and train students in new writing. Keep in mind how to add value to the course. Training is the most obvious option, But think outside the box and see what’s available.

11. Ask for comments

If you want online training courses to shine, You should request comments. After the course is finished, Send a questionnaire to students. If you allow them to complete the survey anonymously, You’ll get more honest comments most of the time. Don’t pay attention to complaints. By solving any questions posed by students, You can easily solve problems in the course. Maybe there’s a lot of work out of the classroom, Or video tutorials cannot be downloaded quickly, Or some parts of the course are puzzling. Regardless of the problem, The comments from students are invaluable. Ideally, You will write your own course, But then you’ll continue to improve it until you feel perfect. This is the best way to make sure that your content is better than anyone else.

12. Ask for help

Understanding online courses is not easy or happening quickly. Asking for help is a good idea. Oral speech is one of the best and cheapest forms of advertising. Ask family and friends to offer your course to others. Post on social networks and ask your followers to share information about your courses. Team up the street to help you speed up the course. If they are planning to talk about free courses, Please provide them with free courses. Trade with other trainers (not competitors) and talk about their courses when they talk to you. Ask influential people on social media if they will consider trying your course and advise them if they are willing (make sure to build a relationship with them first) if you ask for help, You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you.
12 points to build the first step-by-step training course
12 points to build the first step-by-step training course


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12 points to build the first step-by-step training course

12 points to build the first step-by-step training course

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12 points to build the first step-by-step training course

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