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Project management is one of the most important tasks required in modern times. Okay, The answer you are looking for is the answer you got in this course. You’ll also learn to analyze a successful project and be able to create a monitoring and evaluation plan for your project.

Here’s a list of free online courses

Below is a list of free online project management courses and a summary of what you will learn while studying.

15 free online project management courses 2022 1 15 free online project management courses 2022

1 Scrom App for Agile Project Management

This free online course gives you the opportunity to learn the easiest way to manage projects. It also requires you to spend 2-3 hours a week.

Project management in practice – planning, scheduling and resource management

This free online course examines the principles and practices of project management. In here You’ll learn about the most effective way to allocate funds to technology projects to achieve your stated goals.

3. Development of scrum

This course focuses on the concepts of training scrum developers. You’ll get to know Scrum and learn about project visualization, project planning and recognition. You will also learn how to implement the project.

Planning for monitoring and evaluation

Have you always asked how to measure the success of the project? Okay, The answer you are looking for is the answer you got in this course. You will also learn to analyze a successful project and will be able to create a monitoring and evaluation plan for your project.

5 Basics of Project Planning and Management

This is likely to be a preliminary course covering key concepts for project planning and implementation. You will be instructed to consider the challenges of different types of projects.

Budget and project scheduling

Regardless of cost restrictions, Planning a project is something, Being on time is another thing. A good project schedule seems to help all team members work together to achieve the project’s goals.

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Project budget with realistic cost constraints is also an important basis for any project. In this free online project management course, You’ll learn how to plan and maintain time and cost constraints to ensure the success of your project.

Project risk management and changes

This course will help you proactively identify, analyze and inform future changes in the scope and objectives of the project. You will understand and practice the elements required to measure and report on project scope, schedule and cost performance.

8 Project launch

In today’s business world, An effective project needs to be developed with fewer resources. This free online project management course will show you how to do this.

By the end of your studies, You will be able to determine the requirements of the scope of the project and create a to-do list about achieving this range.

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15 free online project management courses 2022 2 15 free online project management courses 2022

9 Start the project and plan

Just as a successful project requires appropriate planning, You’ll learn to answer some key questions to achieve the project’s goals: What will this project accomplish? Why is this project important? Who benefits from this program? How do I plan to achieve positive results?

10 Domain management: What about the triple restrictions?

In here You will learn the basics of determining the scope of the project and will be able to understand the benefits of complex projects. This course is an academic space where you can learn, understand and apply domain identification for best practices and methodologies.

#11 Drafting and evaluating complex projects

This online course lets you know the basics of determining whether a project is possible, From concept to operation, so that you can formulate and evaluate projects in different dimensions, Including her problems.

Risk management in development projects

What is the purpose of investing a lot of time in problem solving when you can actually prevent them? Okay, This course contains a way to avoid negative events that can affect the project, While protecting positive events to improve their chances of success.

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13 Project Management Basics

This free online course will provide you with basic concepts and techniques for successfully managing the project from start to finish. After completing this course, You will be able to:

14 Hypothesis-based development

You need more than just an active process to deliver smart results. therefore You should focus on your user needs and create a focus around them. remember What ultimately matters is how you connect this point.

Learn each of them in this free online course.

15 Product Management Basics

Product management is one of the most lucrative jobs today. However, Organizations have increased the urgent need for product managers to create products that impress customers.

to fill this role effectively, This course will help you find a framework for successful product management by immediately identifying the position of product manager and key roles.

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