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Customer Service

Free customer service courses are free courses that train customer service teams on different aspects of good customer service. These lessons are important because customer service goes hand in hand with a high quality product. customer service representatives who know how to communicate with customers, solve problems and actually promote products, They are a great source of strength for any team. Here are 10 of the best free customer service courses.

1. Guest service in hospitality and tourism

20 customer service training courses for 2022 1 20 customer service training courses for 2022

EdApp Guest Services and travel courses are designed to guide and assist customer service representatives in the hospitality industry to ensure customer satisfaction. This free course helps employees determine the meaning of good customer service and understand why great customer service is important. This course is particularly useful for teaching face-to-face customer service skills what receptionists need when dealing with tourists. Courses are not general. Contains specific situations such as welcoming guests and specific actions to be taken in order for each interaction to have a positive impact on guests. We strongly recommend this hospitality course to serve customers because reputation is everything in the hospitality industry.

2. Call Center Customer Service

If you are looking for a customer retention course that provides ideal call center training for all your employees who will work with phone operations, The customer service cycle at the call center is what you need. The course is comprehensive and consists of five useful units learning different techniques and skills to prevent poor customer service. Service representatives will be educated how call center customers prepare for their calls, And how they behave when using the phone, And they understand the different aspects of communication, They deal with tough new customers to ensure customer satisfaction and improve their success. If you want your employees to represent the company correctly on the phone, Do it their record.

3. Excellent customer service through communication

Also from EdApp, excellent customer service recognizes the importance of connecting to customer success through the customer service representative communication cycle. This course is closely linked to edApp’s confident speaking course. Among other things, The course teaches that trust is one of the biggest barriers to effective communication and helps students find it a way to express opinions with confidence. One of the main advantages of using the training course to train your employees is that it helps your employees speak better and therefore understand better. We recommend training your employees through customer retention and trust sessions to improve internal and external communication and prevent poor customer service.

4. Customer service: Dealing with complaints

20 customer service training courses for 2022 2 20 customer service training courses for 2022

EdApp’s Complaints Processing Course is a course that teaches customer service employees the right methods to use when dealing with new customer complaints and frustrations. What makes this course unique is that it helps your employees realize that complaining is a good thing, It has greatly affected your company, They must be dealt with accordingly. Selecting the course is training and explaining how employees can respond positively to negative reviews is one of the main reasons you should train your employees. No company is perfect, Having staff who know how to turn negative feedback into positive results is an added advantage.

5. Dealing with hard customers

If you are in the market for a seminar or training session to teach your employees best practices when dealing with employees and guests with problems, You have to take a difficult chapter in dealing with customers. This course teaches problem-solving skills, Your employees were able to search correctly and confidently for the best methods and use them to achieve the best results. If you want to maintain great service and facilitate problem solving by customer service staff, This course will educate them exactly. The four-part course will teach you how to deal with difficult customers, complaints and accidents, unfortunately, Working with drunk customers and new customers.

6. Customer Service (Short Cycle)

This Oxford Home Study Center customer service course is a free customer service course created by renowned academics focused on customer service career development. There are no time limits or deadlines for the session, So you can study at any time that suits your current lifestyle commitments. This course covers the five short units of customer service from a modern business perspective and helps customer service representatives properly assess customer expectations. One of the negative aspects of the short cycle is its length. You can use this course to teach customer service staff how relationships and customer satisfaction can benefit your business.

7. Great Customer Service – Your Ultimate Guide

This course is classified as a guide to excellence in customer service, It is CPD-certified, She’s a mobile friend. This customer retention course is designed to teach your employees the skills they need to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. What makes this course unique is the fact that it is getting class selection and accreditation. The course taught one important thing: Companies can stop losing money because of poor customer service. Unfortunately, The course is not adjustable and therefore cannot be customized according to your company’s needs or customer expectations. Excellent customer service will be useful to your company because it will help eliminate bad customer service habits.

8. Brentwood Customer Service Course

20 customer service training courses for 2022 3 20 customer service training courses for 2022
Customer Service

This short brentwood customer service course is a beginner’s course that takes about 20 hours. This workshop is very basic and learns the basics of great customer service. This customer service cycle focuses on 6 topics such as defining customer service and the importance of building strong customer relationships, meeting customer expectations and more. Until then. This course is particularly useful for teaching employees how to analyze and respond to employee feedback. Because the course is very basic, The customer service cycle alone will not be enough for your employees.

9. Customer Service Diploma

The Free Customer Service Diploma program teaches customer service members customer service skills that will help turn one-time customers into lifetime customers. The opportunity to get a diploma from this course makes it one of the best courses on our list. Another benefit is that the course makes it clear that it is suitable for mobile, So she can learn your staff on the go. Unfortunately, The course takes 6 to 10 hours, Busy employees can therefore take a long time to complete. This is a great course for your employees because it also provides career development through certifications

10. Customer Service Level 2

This is another self-paced online customer service course that will teach your front-line employees how to deliver great customer service by improving their communication skills. This workshop provides tests and certificates to your employees. What employees will gain from the course is the knowledge and principles needed to deliver a high quality customer service experience and understanding customer service. Unfortunately, This course is very long and time-consuming.

11. Create a positive customer experience

EdApp has created courses to create a positive customer experience for employees in the retail industry to help them develop, improve, retain and grow their customer base by creating positive customer experiences. This 4-part course focuses on teaching your employees how to satisfy customers by focusing on topics related to the role of customer service in the customer’s overall brand experience and the way you can interact effectively with customers. EdApp’s micro-learning feature makes this course comfortable and attractive for your team, It takes only two minutes to complete the course.

12. Customer Care Skills

Allison is a free learning platform that provides customer service skills training courses to help your employees build and develop basic customer service skills and techniques, As well as dealing better with inquiries, complaints and frustrations to provide the best results for your customers. This 5-part course is presented in the form of a long video that your employees can verify that they retain knowledge through a short test at the end of each lesson. They can also make course evaluations and get an 80% mark when they finish their degree. However, While courses are offered free of charge, Official certificates are only available for purchase.

13. Catering

The food service is an EdApp restaurant customer training course designed to guide waiters by providing customers with a great dining experience. The first studied the main areas of the restaurant and the appropriate procedures to serve and interact with customers. After that, You will explain how to receive requests correctly and more efficiently. The course also includes how to keep a table, serve dishes confidently and communicate with a team of waiters. At last Introduce your employees to more suggestive sales techniques that will help your employees efficiently recommend additional meals or better deals for customers. Through this course, You can help your potential employees improve their service skills and create a comfortable experience for your customers.

14. Tomorrow’s World Bar

EdApp’s The Bar World of Tomorrow was developed in collaboration with industry experts Pernod Ricard, Trash Tiki and the Sustainable Restaurants Association. This supported course includes 13 small interactive lessons that the waiter community can use to become part of a greener, more responsible and inclusive profession. Construction begins with learning the basics of restaurant customer service training with lessons on brand knowledge and the importance of product regulation. Serving alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. She was unique at the time, She addressed the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and how to reopen the right path. This course uses micro-learning strategies that help increase learner participation. EdApp’s AI translation tool lets you, Although available in seven different languages, Including English, Chinese and Spanish, Easily translate courses into more than 100 languages.

15. Guest Experiences

EdApp Guest Experience courses are customer service courses for restaurants that focus on providing the best experience for guests. As the course progresses, you’ll gain insight into topics like breaking the ice, And create a welcoming atmosphere, and customize customer experiences, And provide consistent service, Managing problems, complaints and frustrations. By promoting these basic basic skills, you can create a more appropriate culture in your hotel when interacting with guests.

16. Positive Scripting

Reporting bad news about a medical condition is one of the most important and challenging responsibilities of a health care provider. Whether it’s serious illness or even death, It must be expressed clearly in the most sympathetic way. EdApp’s positive scripting offers some practical strategies on how to effectively share terrible news with your patients and their families. It also delves into the common pitfalls of providing spam news and the overall goal of active script writing.

17. The Power of Empathy

Empathy is one of the most important qualities a healthcare professional should have in the medical field. It can help healthcare workers communicate better with patients, Thus increase customer loyalty and better treat their health problems. This free EdApp course on empathy power highlights different types of connectivity components, Including words, tone of voice and body language. It also explains in detail the habits of very sympathetic people, some of which include the development of curiosity, And challenging prejudices, and find common ground, And listen to others. There’s also a short video at the end that discusses the difference between empathy.

18. Introduction to Informed Consent

20 customer service training courses for 2022 4 20 customer service training courses for 2022
Customer Service

Each patient has the legal right to accept or reject medical treatment and clinical practice, That is why doctors must be fully aware of the full context of informed consent. Making sure your patients know what they are receiving is a prerequisite for serving high-quality healthcare customers. During the introduction, the WSC course will guide you with informed consent and the importance and limitations of informed consent. It also goes beyond the regulations and guidelines you must follow as a health care provider to prevent poor customer service, misinformation of patients, exploitation and coercion. At the end of the session, Your employees can take the final test and if they achieve an 80% or higher success score, They’ll get a certificate of completion.

19. Sales Strategy and Customer Interaction

EdApp’s sales and customer engagement strategies teach retail employees how to take advantage of customer participation and customer loyalty and turn them into successful sales. In here Employees will learn how to welcome them appropriately to adjust your mood. They will then find out how to ask the right questions to arouse their interest and curiosity. because the price of any element is considered a major consideration for consumers, The principles of selling are also discussed on a value basis to help them realize that buying them will help them achieve customer success.

This course uses examples of e-learning, Like photo slider and display, to promote basic concepts in a fun and interactive way. There are more than 80 models on EdApp that you can use for free for every learning method.

20. Crowd Management

Big cuts such as Black Friday and Christmas can be exciting and stressful at the same time because a lot of people are involved. EdApp’s Crowd Management is great for learning how to manage large crowds during these times or any other similar high-attendance event. Provides best practices on how to plan and prepare for activities such as adding more people and more security to keep everyone safe. The course will also discuss how to set up lines, accept customers, show customer loyalty and deal with angry or frustrated buyers. At last It will teach you what to do in the event of an accident due to congestion.

20 customer service training courses for 2022 5 20 customer service training courses for 2022

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