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6 most important professional goals for e-training

The developments in the information and communication technology arenas have brought about a qualitative leap or what is known about the international transformations that affected the various educational procedures , especially what becomes related to the methods of schooling, education and training methods .

6 most important professional goals for e-training

it led Those changes to appear New methods and ways of working in Methods of acquiring knowledge and skill experiences Modes , transmission and generation strategies. It became easy The headquarters of the appointment and adaptation of communications and information technology To reduce social and cultural differences and overcome restrictions Time , position and resource scarcity humanism .

What is e- training :

E- training The concept of e-training can be clarified as the process in which the settings of interactive environmental conditions options rich in applications based on computer technology , networks and various media are completed , which enable the trainee to achieve the goals of the training process by interacting with its sources, and therefore in the shortest possible time and with the smallest effort expended , And the highest rates of ingenuity without being restricted by the limits of place and time.

As well as the provision of training and educational programs through different electronic methods that include CDs and the Internet in a synchronous or non- synchronous manner and by adopting the principle of self-training or training with the assistance of a technical director . Just as he knows on the basis that any training process uses the Internet (a local network, International Network) to clarify and present electronic bags or interact with the trainees , whether parallel or non parallel or led by the trainer or without a trainer or a mixture of all of this .

Training from a distance is one of the forms of electronic training, and it is represented in the training process in which the trainee is separated or far from the trainer by a geographical distance, which he usually ends with the use of new means of communication .

Just as it enables the trainee to obtain educational attainment and benefit from the training process in all its aspects without going to the training site It is possible for trainers to deliver Data and interaction with trainees without moving to them just as he Allows the trainee to Differentiate his training program in line with His work conditions Appropriate and available training Owns to train without The need to quit effort or Giving up social engagements.

The difference between e- training and e-learning:

say no There remains a difference between them At the hands of the e-learning climate because they are both Necessary things in any needs e-learning approach Also , the virtual classroom approach is automated sign up and login, What is the difference between In a clear and unambiguous manner in a mechanism Doing E-Learning on pupils or apprentices, As e-learning Related to the name of the educational facility (school and university) Teachers remain, students , quarterly exams, and attendance are available unique and others.

Teachers are required to continue the efforts of their students during the semester through the approach of the e-learning body LMS, and therefore by receiving assignments, answering students , and direct interaction between students and teachers through educational efforts such as chatting , forums, wikis, and others.

As for the electronic exercise It is used to train a number of characters who do not belong to an educational facility.staff training , Qualification of cadres human being) and be the beneficiary of E- training for employees of the entities official and management companies or Banks or organizations Non-commercial (such as the General Presidency for Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil) What results from electronic training is a mechanism Implementation of e-learning for trainees,

Here is what is called self-education and subjecting the trainees to all course contents and training in a serious and effective manner, as there are no teachers or teachers who follow the trainees’ initiatives or force them to solve all the questions and go through all the activities within the scope of the course.
and in This situation comes the role of customizing mechanism View the course as subject to Sequence Activities Type It is also necessary to There are Pass Points between each text any It is not possible for the trainee to move to matter or activity The following is only if it is verified Cross out the previous issue in a good manner can be here Set determinants and rules or Alternatives to pass The stage (for example, passed 60% or less or more). Hence .)

Abstract :

All the concepts that we would like to perform in the electronic training are in order to control the entry and attendance of the trainees and their passing the exams in an automated manner without the intervention of any one of the managers or teachers ,
As it undertakes all of these tasks , it is the mechanism for performing content training in a learning benefit approach .
and change That will The matter requires employment About fifty teachers to complete 5,000 trainees, while here Things happen automatically , and he will acquire the electronic certificate (Certificate presence , Certificate of degrees or size ) and the e-learning club in the clever way company is currently improving these technologies using the MOODlE approach , to be the first support in e-learning with that degree and standard in the world .

The importance and objectives of e- training :


  1. The trainee is in control of the teaching and learning process, while the trainer is satisfied with guiding the trainee.
  2. The trainees are participating in the educational process ( non-passive training).
  3. The trainee can report to the training bag at the appropriate age and time.
  4. E-training creates an interactive link between trainees and trainers.
  5. Use all available aids and use different types of training .
  6. Reducing the value of training and raising the competence of trainees.

Its goals:

  1. Familiar with the meaning or concept of electronic training .
  2. Assisting the trainees in using data and communications technology and available networks for e-learning to study and reconsider the programs, curricula and training courses.
  3. Preparing training programs, curricula and decisions in a digital manner.
  4. Preparing trainees for life in the era of information culture.
  5. Victory over the problems of classic training methods .
  6. Knowledge of the foundations and standards by which updates can be made to improve the training pattern .

Method and how to change from traditional training to e- training :

To shift from traditional training to e- training , the following needs to be taken care of:

1- Planning the training system:

The process design for system Exercise is a responsibility Many of the beneficiaries of it in the first place The largest , the easier This process exists professionals in training , university and college professors, Technology specialists . for not Considers the strategy for the exercise to be completed in isolation a large quantity of sides, just like that design has not Calculates completes independently of trends The country and its development plans different , Especially that systems Future Training Open Systems The local community participates . Also included in the design framework of the training system is the gratitude for the need for e- training , Determining its public and private goals .

2- Implementation of the training :

It aims to the way that Ends by translating Plans, strategies and strategies and practices described in The design period to meet and accomplish the goals set for exercise . It is related to the performance of the exercise composition electronic exercise club ,

which consists of :

Few managers of training departments.

Training program designers.

A number of technicians in the fields of : data technology , programming, networking, and data security whose strenuous endeavors are integrated with academic and educational technicians.
The performance of e- training takes place in hypothetical environmental conditions , which allow a kind of flexibility and freedom in choosing the training location and time. This approach requires preparing training sites with the requirements of the e- training format and its media, which include : the Internet , multimedia , smart classes, and current e- training programs .

Just as writing off within the framework of the e- training application is a chief choice The coaching club has the ability and competence to manage such That frame , and be Has the ability to prepare public viewing For training , taking into account the training telegram based on its objectives It contains a choice of programs related to the electronic exercise or its preparation, and performing learning techniques training ,

Use of hardware and software associated with this , In addition to the benefit of Others’ attempts at e- training , Engaging in all enrichment training activities , including: Coming to meetings you are interested in Electronic exercise .Just as taking also includes identifying the trainees’ needs and estimating them to work on satisfying them, And technical support such as communications, design and preparation of training programs to meet the desired training needs.

3- E- training calendar

The training revision process is based on a set of basics , standards and indicators on which updates can be made to improve the training system and draw its future strategies. Among those foundations and standards are the following:

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6 most important professional goals for e-training

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