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Training courses:

Training courses are one of the most important ways to learn freely, Whether he is a regular individual, a student, a professor or any group to which that person belongs, He seeks and recognizes them closely in order to gain knowledge of something and to learn about everything related to it.

8 steps to prepare training courses 1 8 steps to prepare training courses

Find out its details and try to master or know its work, Often in order to obtain an important certificate so that the individual can work on the subject of the course.

Training courses have become necessary for many workers, Or aspirants, At a time when scientific and practical disciplines are constantly increasing, The branches of science and literature are steadily increasing as knowledge and human needs grow, University specialties cannot meet all job requirements for working students who want to achieve further progress and prosperity in their field and specialize in various disciplines of science and literature, both rare and new, We found many exercises that students can take each year during their studies and vacations, even after graduation courses and at work.

The terms that refer to the meaning of the course vary and include hundreds of shapes, methods and specialties. Gives workers the confidence to fight. Various challenges associated with the modern labour market.

1- The idea:

Perhaps the hardest step in preparing for training courses is to identify a new idea, The most successful ideas are those that offer a practical solution to a problem faced by a specific target audience. One of the hardest things you see these days is the so-called half of education; And they probably made it start selling their services, But in the end it will be revealed; visitors will know that they have not been well presented and organized in an orderly manner.

therefore I suggest you choose an idea that you can talk about and formulate in the right way, Or at least do an intensive search about the idea you want to talk about; The important thing here is to have an idea that you think you can present in a good way in the course.

Target audience:

Select customers who will purchase your services; knowing your target audience will guide you create the course in the best way, for example, If it’s for beginners, It will be performed differently from a person in the middle or advanced level. In addition to its economic level, Is the service price suitable for the target population or is it appropriate? You need to add some improvements. therefore The target audience must be carefully identified by determining their age, country, language, interests, orientation and problems.

3- Look for the target audience as a different start:

Once you’ve selected your target audience, Do a search for the public in order to identify their problems and provide them with solutions, You probably know that the best educational programs are the most useful, This step may be to find ideas for your next session, start as they say, “necessity or invention,” By searching your target audience and identifying their problems, Solutions to these problems are therefore provided in the form of courses.

So in the first three steps, You have one of two things:

Collect more information about the course material:

Now that you have a good idea and understanding of your target audience, Our current trend will be to create a series of conversations by collecting more information about course materials, for example, If the idea is to offer a video-shaped training course explaining the process of setting up an SEO website for novice website owners in the Arab world. So the next step will be to gather more information about the so-called SEO and organize materials at key points, Or the cycle can be divided into sections by one point each.

5- Time plan to complete the course:

You now know what you’re going to talk about, Now you need to develop a specific time plan to complete the course materials; 30 days from now, No more than 30 days after the video of the session was filmed, Training materials will be available.

You can divide the time on the goals, for example, the idea will be explained by 10 points, which is 10 videos, which means that you complete a video every 3 days. You can adjust your schedule to suit you and your marketing plan. More importantly, Educational materials are available at the end of the schedule.

Repairing defects and beauty:

If your material is a book, You have to correct grammatical and spelling errors and modify the book format, And if your material is a video, Watch, edit, and reduce the size of the video. What matters is that you are now giving your course its final form;

Once everything is complete, Save the course in its final form in preparation for publication on Pfeiffer as one or more services.

7- Preparing an article/promotional video:

The task of the promotional article or promotional video is to make it clear to the customer that this course can solve his problem; If you’re not good at the job, You can do it yourself or use a service purchased from Fiverr; And only through it, Will he decide whether to buy or not.

8 steps to prepare training courses 2 8 steps to prepare training courses

8- Determining whether it is one service or more:

Now that everything has been set up for you, I still need to know how you will sell this course on Fiverr, Whether it’s service or more, Service with improvements, or separate services, This step will determine your profitability cycles.

The steps of preparing a training course are now clear, Just market it and refer to it when you get the chance, And whenever there’s a problem, Your course is the solution.

The importance of training courses:

8 steps to prepare training courses 3 8 steps to prepare training courses

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