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Definition of distance education for children

Distance learning is an educational method in which students and teachers are not present in traditional learning environments or in traditional classrooms, Using modern means of communication and technology to provide information. learning without any real contact with educational institutions or co-education, Students take traditional lessons on specific days and continue distance education the rest of the time. Educational institutions also determine the organizational structure of distance education courses, tasks and other details based on the number of study units and time. [1] The difference between distance education and home schooling children should distinguish between home and distance education in schools because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on certain requirements. Schooling is remote and the school is responsible for determining when the student will attend, And the end of the session, the requirements of passing exams and other details of the educational system, In accordance with the conditions of the official state educational institution, In accordance with the approved curriculum. . Students are obliged to attend classes at specific times and sign in to their school account connected at this time.

Distance education training courses for children for 2022 1 Distance education training courses for children for 2022

Ways to distance education for children

The school where the child is present has a clear distance learning plan, Follow a range of ways and methods to teach a child online, The most important methods of distance education for children include: Direct distance education: Direct communication between teachers and students through distance learning lessons where teachers interact directly with students and explain lessons to them and to answer their questions, The approach is somewhat similar to traditional education, Only using electronic classes instead of traditional classrooms. These lessons recorded can be found on the school’s website or the Ministry of Education’s Website, youTube educational or school channels, Some courses are available to students permanently, Others are loaded at specific times based on the progress of the tutorial. Remote education applications: Schools identify a range of applications for children’s distance education, Different applications are used in most schools. to ensure that students are not distracted and maintain an educational environment closer to school, Rely on applications specifically designed for schools or conference applications (such as ZOOM), In addition to applications that help students organize the distance education process. Online student project: Children’s Group Online Distance Education Methods Project, A group of students participate in one project or perform individually and present projects on specific dates and clear criteria. Traditional activities and responsibilities: Distance learning does not exclude students from traditional homework, Since most schools have mechanisms for providing homework written using traditional methods and manual activities, It aims to reduce the time students spend behind screens, constantly review and interact with their lessons through practical activities.

Distance education training courses for children for 2022 2 Distance education training courses for children for 2022

Children’s Distance Education Tips

Learn about your child’s distance education requirements: School is where the primary responsibility for developing children’s educational programs and providing guidance and guidance to parents who experience e-learning experiences for the first time is that we return to the need to distinguish between flexible home education, Subject to stricter remote control. The child’s feelings and acceptance: to help the child adapt to the conditions of distance education, Through constant and serious follow-up with the child and dialogue with his fears and feelings, Parents must be firm with the child, Especially in the early years. Able to combine teaching time and separate play time from entertainment to keep all activities in one place is home. [2] Allocation of distance learning places: Whether the child is one or more children, There must be a corner dedicated to distance education with good lighting, ventilation and tranquility, Children must learn not to use this angle of learning and acceptance except for electronic lessons. Follow the day to teach your child: In distance education, Daily follow-up is more important than traditional learning, There is less incentive for e-learning and greater opportunities for distraction and tolerance, It is essential to stay in touch with your child’s academic progress and adapt on a daily basis that encourages your child to communicate with colleagues: The use of the meeting application is the same as that used through the classroom remotely, Even parents can communicate with parents and coordinate with each other to help students communicate and maintain a social environment close to the school environment and as available as possible. By motivating them to participate in projects, joint learning and mutual education, Teachers can lead joint discussions in the virtual lounge. [3] Maintain physical activity: Physical education must be part of children’s online learning, Make sure your child has at least two parts of physical and physical activity each week, Even if school physical education is not provided, online physical education can be used to assess the child’s distance learning experience regularly: This is a common role for schools and parents, Parents and teachers must monitor student activity and motivations for distance learning regularly through clear and accurate indicators, Such as student punctuality, Develop knowledge with your child, Ask him questions and find answers Etc. If you think your child is retreating because of the distance education system, Contact the school to learn about the best strategies you can take to motivate your child, restore his academic level and passion for education. Distance learning is an important experience for children: Despite the many challenges parents, teachers and children have in the online learning experience; It is an experience that helps children get closer to the world of the future and better adapt to technology, Children acquire many skills in distance education, We will be in the feature “presented in the section. Learning for children.

Distance education training courses for children for 2022 3 Distance education training courses for children for 2022

The disadvantages of distance education for children

Lack of direct interaction between students and teachers, As well as social skills issues resulting from the lack of a traditional school environment, It is one of the most important places where children’s social skills are formed. Connect to the Internet and secure your child’s e-learning needs, Like a laptop or tablet, Especially if there are many children in the house using these tools, Technical and logistical issues are one of the biggest barriers to children’s distance education. So far, E-learning is still as ineffective as traditional education, It is believed that the results will not be of the same quality, This responsibility is less because the responsibility for achieving the quality of education rests with the children themselves in traditional education, Be more suitable for the child’s age. [4] Children’s distance education lacks direct interaction with teachers and colleagues, The competition created by teachers in traditional classrooms is ineffective, And the students’ sense of isolation and boredom, Distance education may affect some of children’s skills, Language skills, speaking and social networking are natural consequences of lack of direct interaction. Parents can also struggle to understand unusual distance learning programs, Working mothers face real problems with children being left at home alone during school hours.

The pros and cons of distance education for children

Distance education training courses for children for 2022 4 Distance education training courses for children for 2022

Protecting children and society from disease: Distance education is an emergency measure whose primary objective is to protect children from infection and to maintain social space to reduce the spread of the epidemic, It is not believed that distance education will continue at its current level after the epidemic as its content. Because of the epidemic, Although most educational institutions tend to promote educational emails, Give children new skills in a more structured way: Children acquire a new set of skills in the experience of distance education, In addition to skills dealing with modern technology and using advanced programs and applications to manage and organize their time with self-stimulating skills, Distance education is mainly self-motivated, giving children the opportunity to acquire lifelong companionship self-stimulating skills. Development of independence and self-reliance: E-learning depends heavily on the student, He develops his sense of independence and self-reliance so that he can study online courses and organize his study life, Students usually wait up to the college level to develop these abilities and skills. Improving communication with parents: Distance education may also be an opportunity to enhance communication between the child and the parent because it needs them more in the management of studies and scheduling, This also provides an opportunity for parents to be closer to their child and their academic development and spend more time with them. Distance education is useful in some situations: Distance education may be better for some children, Especially those who are ashamed or face pressures such as peer pressure or distraction in traditional classrooms. Children learn distance education: In our time, We all need to develop our skills consistently and preferred by adults to attend online training sessions, And watch educational videos, or even get a college degree from a virtual university, Distance education is a rich and important experience for children that can help them adapt to opportunities for self-development and more education in the future. E-learning platform, More adaptable and this type of training and education than the traditional generation of education. At last.. So far, Distance education for children remains an emergency procedure and is also an emergency, But this phase may be a prelude to more stable measures with regard to global e-learning policy, We may see voter turnout over the next few years, E-learning is becoming more and more, Even after the special circumstances are over.

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