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Training courses for women are becoming of the utmost importance, Particularly as women’s roles in society increase and they enter various scientific and practical sectors and their responsibilities and tasks increase, it has become essential for women to go to training courses for women that will empower women in various fields.

“Women are half of society” is a phrase that we often hear and repeat in our ears, It is the opening phrase for many women’s training courses but in fact we note the gap between this phrase and its practical application in many parts of the world! We will therefore explain in this article on the role of women in society the importance of women’s participation in important economic and political sectors and their impact on society. Society will also discuss challenges and barriers that prevent women from accessing spaces and opportunities to influence society and the environment.

The importance of empowering women in society that we will mention in women’s training courses

Women make up more than half of society and are mothers, teachers, teachers and doctors. Women hold a large number of positions and responsibilities that make them active members of society and the environment. This has resulted in an issue to support women’s empowerment and develop their skills and abilities, Taking into account their family and social conditions in the workplace and community service. Women have many benefits, importance and positivity, These benefits are reflected in the personal and social contexts of women as a whole. Highlights include:

Improving the efficiency of women’s work, and develop their professional and functional capabilities, and the effective and effective reflection in the formation and mastery of women’s characters, As well as its ability to accomplish tasks and continue learning. Reducing unemployment by creating jobs for women. Women who wish to enter the labour market and contribute to building the development of each society according to its location and ability. Activating the role of women in decision-making, participation and political and economic life in accordance with the principles of justice, equality and democracy in all aspects of society. Set an example for successful women who are able to balance responsibility with professional, personal and social success. Share responsibility for the equitable distribution of the rights of members of society (male and female) to education and educational and career opportunities. This is one of the most prominent topics on which training courses for women focus

The importance of training courses for women in the 21st century 1 The importance of training courses for women in the 21st century

Activating the role of women in the policy that we will recognize in women’s training courses

Women can have a very important impact on political life by: Giving women sufficient space to assert their civil rights and rights relating to their dignity and private life, where they fall victim to some legal and regulatory deficiencies in some countries, They are therefore the most effective and able to declare them and amend regulations and regulations may be unfair and repressive to women. Contribute to decision-making. Women are an essential part of the fabric of society, Their right to participate in decision-making therefore applies to them and to others in society. And its efficiency leadership positions such as ministries and key offices in the country, Now we see large numbers of women in ministerial and political decision-making positions in most countries around the world, and this is one of the main topics on which women’s training courses focus.

The role of women in the economy that we will learn about in women’s training courses

Women’s participation in the economic sector brings many positive benefits and factors, The most prominent are: Creating small individually implemented and women’s projects that can help improve living standards and income for women and families as a whole. . Empowering women in economic positions and their active role in managing the economy and managing enterprises when it comes to investment, We believe that large companies led and managed by successful women are able to meet and successfully overcome labour market challenges.

Work to improve the family’s financial situation and bring in additional income, Perhaps the main income in some cases. entered to support her family and achieve her material independence, Which is reflected in improving and strengthening women’s personality and giving them freedom and more, Reducing stress, social burden, family problems arising from poverty and women’s lack of breadwinners and sources of income. Support women in obtaining their own source of income and avoiding financial difficulties and financial hardship. This can be achieved in two ways by educating women academically or professionally by providing them with an income-generating trade, profession or craft. It has money that you can learn and apply in the labor market, and find the right job opportunity, Or even create your own program within the skills you have learned and this topic is one of the most prominent topics focused on women’s training courses

Activating the role of women in the community sector that we will learn about in women’s training courses

Women can serve their society and environment through their work in the community sector, Such as: Developing programs to serve and empower women, and strengthen its role in society and life environments, and provide them with more successful, distinctive opportunities, And a positive impact on yourself and society. Raising awareness and education on women’s issues and rights and women’s contribution to building, rehabilitating and developing societies and improving living standards.

Human, social and personal levels. They called for amendments that would persecute or empower women and be used as a weapon to pressure women, particularly with regard to the custody of children in cases of divorce from mothers, separation from husbands or other issues requiring social support , solidarity between men and women, demanding these rights and protecting women. Eliminating forms of violence against and harassment of women and gender discrimination against women in the workplace, studying and playing in society. Protecting young girls from exploitation, extortion and delinquency, Harnessing their energies and desires to achieve, give and make a positive impact on the environment and this topic is one of the most prominent topics on which training courses for women focus

Barriers to giving women space to influence the society we will learn about in training courses

There are many obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of women’s progress and achievement, and impervious dams that women must break and overcome in order to influence their environment, The most prominent are: Social views: Cultivated stereotypes. In the minds of individuals, Women are a big challenge for them, Especially when dealing with successful women and has a positive and effective impact on his community

Some members of society try to curb, reduce and reduce their success through stereotypes about women, their weaknesses and the difficulties of success reinforced by reality with negative hard facts. Evidence. People are associated with a lot of chatter, women with prominent positions and roles, They don’t accept submission and submission, Rather, they seek to participate in decision-making and contribute to the building and development of society with their knowledge, skills and experience. Harassment:

Harassment in all its forms verbally, sexually and physically, As well as violence and bullying against women. and contribute to changing, developing, developing and improving all aspects of her life, family and society as a whole, It is a pillar of society and an integral part of people.

The challenges many women face are to reduce their abilities and question the likelihood of them succeeding in work or in a way that men can achieve! This misconception has been demonstrated by many successful women who are pioneers in politics, economics, business and society who are often better than the men they compete with. Women’s awareness: Especially in remote or remote areas of the capital, Women know little about their rights and obligations under the country’s existing laws and how to claim them, secure them and protect them from abuse, exploitation and loss. We found wide-ranging advocacy campaigns on women’s rights issues as well as reproductive rights and guardianship, Issues such as violence against women and women’s right to inherit property

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