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The benefits of training and management development for many developing countries and their companies remain a changing issue, While developed countries and their companies allocate billions of dollars to these jobs, The United States of America alone spends more than $50 million a year. Dollars and a budget of about (1.5) for individuals for training and development purposes.

Training and development of employees has become inevitable!! 1 Training and development of employees has become inevitable!!

Training and development function for international business:

Training is mainly aimed at mid-level staff, technicians, And production line workers, supervisors, and administrative staff, And so on. During the development process, Senior staff, general managers or candidates for these positions are usually targeted, Although some literature focuses on this – one point managers at all levels need to receive different levels of training and development at the same time.

Training and development refers to all planned and implemented efforts to develop the competencies, knowledge and skills of employees at various levels and disciplines and rationalize their behaviour. This allows them to maximize the effectiveness of their performance and achieve themselves by achieving the personal goals and objectives for which they work.

Training and development also includes the development of human and administrative resources by developing the skills of leaders and managers to lead management processes, problem analysis and sound decision-making.

The development process also achieves organizational values and motivations by changing fao’s plans by cultivating leadership, communication and teamwork, Employee behaviors constitute teamwork and democracy, Use teamwork to improve the organizational climate.

Development and training programmes must include mentoring new staff, And provide trainees with modern ideas in the administrative field, The focus is on the High and Executive Oversight Service, and the development of the first leaders, Ongoing senior management workshops. Training and development trends for senior managers: To clarify the importance and role of governance in economic growth at the local and global levels.

Training and development of employees has become inevitable!! 2 Training and development of employees has become inevitable!!

Enable leaders to face change and manage risks and crises with modern management methods.

Improves skill level in strategic management planning, organization and oversight.

Make sure the team works comprehensively and integratedly.

Learn about economic and administrative trends in government and how to implement them.

Focuses on issues related to creativity, innovation and capacity management for development and change.

Developing capabilities in the fields of research analysis of reports and conclusions and guiding them in the service of the company’s objectives.

All this requires more attention to training and operational development, given the importance of this issue to the present and future of working in organizations, Research shows that Motorola has invested nearly 200 hours in telecommunications and mobile phones, providing training to managers and employees at all executive levels in all countries in which it operates. therefore Training and development programmes must cover technical, financial, marketing and productivity aspects, In addition to introducing external managers to the culture of the host country, the economic environment, the legal environment and the environment. Culture, In addition to introducing local managers to the company’s culture. The most important ways in which international businesses help managers through training and development are to give lectures, screen films and provide special brochures on the host country, Then visit the state to get to know them and the local environment. Get managers with country-specific language skills. Introducing the culture, customs, traditions and behavioural patterns of the host country. Introducing local managers to the objectives, mission and culture of the parent company, This gives them the opportunity to get to know the company in the home country and its nature, techniques, traditions and methods of using management. Use simulations and role-playing, Deliver the necessary information to trainees about the current conditions in the host country. The impact of the information revolution on the training and development function of international business: Planning the training needs of work and production planning training managers in all sectors by defining the Internet understand the timing that affects the implementation of these programs, Develop possible training programs. Open continuous training available at any time online and an open training program 24 hours a day for anyone who wishes. Measuring training needs by identifying the company’s trends and policies, The research used its strengths and weaknesses as inputs to identify training needs. parallel training at the same time on the job, The trainee does not feel that there is a difference between what he actually does for the job and what he does for training, The interaction between the user and the database is real in the context of the job and the user between the structure database during training. Remote training for the training program is provided to participants through an internal information network and an external information network. Provide appropriate training programs for the user level.

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