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Having a training bag on Google Drive has become necessary, Cloud storage is the revolution of the new era and we must train and understand it better most businesses, companies and even schooling have become the core of its work related to cloud storage, so it is necessary to develop a training bag on Google Drive through which we can keep up with the times.

Google offers a lot of services in the internet world, from translation applications to maps and other functions. In this article, We’ll discuss one of these features, Web storage via Google Drive, What is Google Drive and how to use Google Drive.

Training bag on Google Drive 2022 1 Training bag on Google Drive 2022

What Google Drive we’ll get to know in a training bag on Google Drive

It’s a free storage service that allows users to store and access files online. The service syncs stored documents, photos, etc. across all user devices, Including mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Google Drive integrates with other company services and systems and that’s what’s going to push you to get a training bag on Google Drive.

How Google Drive Works:

To start using Google Drive, You must first create or sign in to a Google Account, Then by following these simple steps, You’ll be able to store and save:

Time required: 1 minute. Create and save files with Google Drive Go to Google Drive by first opening the site on your device or computer via the link or via the Google Drive app available on almost all Android devices. Then press the Go Google Drive button.


In the upper right corner you’ll find a new button, Click.

Create or upload a file or folder

You can determine whether you want a file or a full folder, You can download and view different types of files, Such as: documents, photos, audio, video, file uploading by downloading files, You can create files like Word files with the Google Docs option. You can create files, Like Excel files, With the Google Spreadsheet option. You can create files, Like PowerPoint files, Using google’s presentation option. You can view other file types using the More option.

Document address

The edit window will appear, At first, she asks you to choose an address for the document. After putting the right address, Press Start Editing.

When you create a file or folder, You can control the “public or shared” level of visibility and transfer ownership to other users using Gmail addresses. You can also organize permissions for folders and files using access levels such as editing, commenting, and displaying.

Training bag on Google Drive 2022 2 Training bag on Google Drive 2022

Google Drive pros that we’ll recognize in a training bag on Google Drive

  1. Access your files from anywhere: Google stores your files on their servers and can access them wherever you are, As long as you have an Internet connection.
  2. Edit and change files: Drive gives you instant access to your documents, It is a set of editing tools that allow you to edit and change files.
  3. Search your files easily: Drive has the ability to search by keywords and filter by file type, So you can find your files very quickly.
  4. View any file type: Drive can open any file type, such as HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Up to 30 different types of files.
  5. Share your files with your friends: You can share your files with your friends with just one click. You can set permissions for your friends to view, edit, comment on or all of your content.
  6. 15GB of storage space for free!

Google Drive cons that we’ll recognize in a training bag on Google Drive

  1. Hacking or deleting your important data: hacking, deleting your important data, or installing a virus in your server and disappearing your files. You may have some confidential documents, such as financial statements or other documents.
  2. Slow with too many loads: When millions of users download and download files together, This may be slow.

Pricing and storage levels that we’ll learn in a training bag on Google Drive

Google offers 15 GB of free storage, And 100 GB for $1.99 per month, And 1 terabyte for $9.99 per month, And 2 terabytes for $19.99 per month, and 10 terabytes for $99.99 per month, And 30 terabytes for $299.99 per month. Users who pay annually can get discounts on 100GB and 1TB plans.

Google automatically renews purchases at the end of each month, Users have a 7-day grace period to update their payment information in the event of automatic renewal failure. If the user cancels or expires, It will restore free storage of 15 GB.

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