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The Theory of The Jashatlet: This theory appeared in Germany in the early 20th century by German psychologist Max Worthmeyer (1943-1980).

The jaschelt is a German word that means: Full or shape. The Jashatlet School emphasizes the principle of perfection and proceeds from the fact that everyone is larger than the sum of its components.

The establishment of the School of Al-Jashatlet:

The Al-Jashatalt School was founded by many of the most important psychologists, The most important of them is Max Fritmer, who founded it, And he worked there until it was built and taught there, Their education was based on psychology by learning, thinking, problems, As it is a modern theory familiar to students, Because of it his study.

The basic principles underlying the theory of the jashatalt:
1. After study, you must obtain the academic preference rate that goes back to the teaching methods.
2- Learn computer and learn modern technology for excellence in learning.
3. Psychological rehabilitation is a must before starting learning as it is a key factor in the success rate of the education of the jashatalt.
4- Tests are required after study to understand the degree of psychological compatibility before researching this theory.
5- Excellent education, i.e. the theory is easy for some people, it varies from person to person.

Factors affecting foresight.

The shells distinguish the factors that affect learning with insight:

Level of physical maturity: Physical maturity that determines the learner’s ability to carry out activities to achieve goals.

Level of mental maturity: The level of awareness varies as cognitive development progresses.

Regulatory area: We mean that the regulatory area is that it contains all the elements needed to solve a problem

Experience: means identifying case or domain elements in a previously acquired field, This allows the learner to organize parts of the field and connect them in easier relationships. Basic concepts of the theory of the Jashatalt:

Structure: The organization refers to a special structure rooted in each or every pattern to distinguish it from other patterns, making it something structured with meaning or a special function. The structure is determined according to the relationships between the parts associated with the elements (all), so even if the parts of the whole remain the same, the structure changes with the relationship.

Reorganization: Delete details that hinder the achievement of basic relationships in context.

Meaning: This is the result of a relationship between the parts of all.

Insight: Is a full understanding of the structure of the (complete) jashatalt, whose meanings can be inferred by recognizing and reorganizing the relationships between its parts, and forming in a moment rather than gradually.

What is the theory of the jashatlet

Educational applications of the theory of the Jashatlet

Primary school teachers should focus on the right way to answer, not the right answer itself. – Emphasizing meaning and understanding, parts must always be linked to each other and gain meaning. Turn to students. – Teachers explain the internal structure and basic aspects of the material learned, making it more cognitive than marginal, while clarifying the similarities between the subject currently being learned and what students have learned previously, which helps to understand it well. – Organize educational materials in tangible patterns using previous experience effectively, show how the parts fit into the model as a whole. Train students to cognitively isolate themselves from elements, materials, and situational conditions that interfere with the problem they are trying to solve.

Assumptions of the theory of the Jashatlet about learning:

Learning through insight:

Insight means: the ability of the individual to understand the general situation with which he interacts, The ability to understand the relationships between the elements of this position.

The Theory of The Jashatlet confirms that behavior learned through foresight can be repeated in similar situations.

What is the theory of the jashatlet 1 What is the theory of the jashatlet

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secondly Learning involves restructuring.

The concept of learning includes reorganization: That is, the individual clearly reorganizes the elements of the situation, In a special sense to the individual himself.

thirdly Learning includes understanding the internal structure of what you learn:

Learning involves a real understanding of the nature and structure of relationships between elements of the situation. For example to find out the rules for the area of the rectangle (length × width), You should include why the rectangle space is the product of multiplying the length × width?, And not just store this relationship within memory.

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Understanding and insight allow learning to be communicated:

The theory of jashat states that understanding and insight lead to the acquisition of principles or rules related to a particular situation, These principles could be applied or used in other situations similar to those in which learning was carried out.

fifthly Insight learning itself is a reward for learning:

The Theory of Jaschelt argues that the result of learning through insight is a particular promotion of this learning. Satisfaction and excitement with real learning that comes with an understanding of the full meaning of relationships and attitudes is a fun experience on a personal level.

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