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Design of a training bag

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Design training bag:

The concept of the training bag:

Is the training content for the different areas that trainers use to achieve specific goals. The design of a training bag includes publications, illustrations, facilities, training methods, training plans and supplements collected from sources or field experience and practical experience. The training package is not prepared through a series of steps and processes

The design phase of a training bag aims to develop an operational plan for the actual training process by preparing the scientific material and the procedural steps required for implementation. Sound scientific and technical standards and the training package for the program represent the final product of pre-training stages and are used for the following basic purposes:

  1. Clarify the contents of the design of the program training bag, its objectives, conditions, duration and target functions
  2. Clarification of training units for each topic, timing, objectives and topics
  3. Clarify the roles involved in training (trainer and trainee)
  4. Use as a general guide to running training courses
  5. Provides the basic scientific materials and tools needed for practical application
  6. Provides tools to measure skills and gain knowledge
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How to design a training bag?

Setting the objectives of the training plan.

Collect the scientific materials contained in the training bag.

Writing scientific materials: To design a training bag.

Note the actual example.

Contents design training bag:

1. Coach’s Guide

2. Trainee Note

3. Presentation version

4. Activities

5. Profile

6. Videos

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Training bag design sections from your bag foundation

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Types of training bags

The types of training bags are divided into several basics that we review below:

Use: Where a special bag is made for the trainer to contain the trainer’s equipment and another bag belonging to the trainee including the equipment that the trainee will use during the training process, A third comprehensive package with a full range of training is prepared. . .

Design: Here the training bag is divided into a built-in bag, a stand-alone bag, a third electronic bag and finally a multi-alternative bag.

Content content: Regarding the content, The training package is divided into individual and multi-unit bags

Training activities: in terms of training activities, Two main groups are included in the training bag, The first is private and the second is the diverse training group.

Subject: The training bag is divided into an educational bag and another training bag.

Custom-made training bags

Design and implementation of a training bag according to the axes, number of days required and target group

Training bags available and ready for delivery

A range of ready-made training bags equipped for immediate delivery and immediate delivery! After adding the trainer's information to it

Development and restructuring of training bags

The service includes redesigning and preparing the scientific curriculum professionally and re-taking the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive style! Makes your training session great!

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