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What's the training bag?

What’s the training bag? The training bag is defined as a set of intellectual determinants that include integrated training content in a particular field through which the trainer manages the training process.

Here are other concepts related to the training bag:

The training bag is linked to a range of concepts that employ the training bag function, including:

First: The training bag is ready information that the trainer prepares as lessons in the content of the course.

Secondly: Is the information that the trainee receives from the trainer through the media and the means by which this information is transmitted systematically and systematically.

Thirdly: The training bag is an integrated content of information emanating from the trainer’s skills, experience and visions towards the subject of the course.

Fourthly: The training bag can be considered successive procedures for the course mechanism, and content contains information that will be discussed between the trainers and trainees in the course.

Fifthly: The training bag consists of media content, various activities and practical procedures implemented during the time period of training meetings between trainers and trainees.

Sixthly: The process of pre-processing tools, strategies and designs that help refine information in the field of the training course to achieve the goals of trainers and the objectives of trainees.

What's the training bag?

What’s the training bag? The training bag is one of the organizational models that controls the training process, where it provides an opportunity for trainers to prepare the information content andcontent of the activities they will provide to the trainees, In addition to managing trainers for training. In accordance with the standards in the training bag. In training, The training bag contains standards and conditions that must be met to ensure its quality.

The training bag preparation phase aims to develop an operational plan for the actual training process, By preparing the scientific material and the procedural steps necessary for implementation. Based on sound scientific and technical standards. The program’s training bag is the final product of pre-training stages and is used for the following basic purposes:

  1. Clarify the contents, objectives , conditions, duration and targeted functions
  2. Clarification of training units for each topic, time, objectives and topics
  3. Clarify the roles involved in training (trainer and trainee)
  4. Used as a general guide to managing training sessions
  5. Provides basic scientific materials and tools for practical application
  6. Provides tools to measure skills and knowledge acquisition
ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية ؟
ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية ؟

What’s the training bag? What are the design elements of the training bag?

The training bag consists of the following basic elements:

1- The cover of the training bag: Include (bag address, The person who set up the educational bag , the address of the unit for which the bag was prepared, and the lesson you serve).

Introduction: It includes a general description of the training bag, and identify the main idea, And its purpose, And the importance of the training material, And a simplified idea for the contents of the training bag, And to show the relationship of the training bag to it. Curriculum.

3- Training bag guide: Contains instructions explaining what the training bag features, And explains the path that the learner takes while studying the scientific subject through it and how to carry out activities and tests of all kinds, And the answer. key

Analysis of learners’ characteristics (target group): Select the category for which the educational bag has been prepared.

Diagnosis of the needs of learners: and explains the reasons for choosing the unit or the subject And the needs of the learners, It simplifies vague and unclear concepts in the minds of learners on the subject of the educational bag.

Justifications and justifications: Explain the purpose of the topic addressed in the bag and its importance and its relevance to the needs of the learner.

7- Explaining the educational objectives of the educational portfolio.

Analysis of the content of the subject: To new vocabulary, concepts, designs, skills, trends, trends, problem solving and the topic’s relationship to previous study topics.

Educational activities and alternatives: Include the real and practical body of the training bag, And the essence of the basic scientific material and the way it is presented, and actions designed to ensure that the specific objectives are achieved, And take that into account. The multiplicity of means, methods, activities, methods and tests.

What’s the training bag ? What are the characteristics of training bags?

Many educators agreed that educational bags have several characteristics, the most important of which are:

An integrated self-learning education program.

B- The goal is focused where the objectives are one of its most important pillars.

c) Take into account individual differences so that the learner can start according to the concepts he mastered.

D- Spacing paths. Each learner must determine the path that suits him.

E. Pay attention to speed. Each learner has his own learning pace.

The multiplicity of activities and means will of course increase the learner’s attention and meet his needs.

ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية ؟
ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية ؟

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What’s the training bag? And what’s the importance of the training bag?

  • The importance of the training bag stems from several justifications, the most important of which are:
    • The suitability of the trainee’s abilities and physical and moral condition.
    • Low economic cost.
    • Its contribution to the dedication of two principles:
      • Sustainable self-development.
      • An important systematic guide and reference for the trainer and trainee facilitates the process of pursuing training objectives.
    • Organize and distribute program time accurately and systematically.
    • Explain the content of the training.
    • Explain the methods used in implementation.
    • Prepare and coordinate the content of the program and how it is implemented.
    • Give the trainee a comprehensive view of the training material.
    • Facilitates the process of evaluating the program for its development and the possibility of converting it into an electronic portfolio.
    • It includes a way to review what the trainee has learned, whether in the form of exercises or a brief review.
    • Develop a plan for future application.
    • Sufficient instructions for the trainee to make the most of the training program and its scientific material.
    • One of the most important criteria used in evaluating the training program.
    • Increase the efficiency of training and reduce spontaneity and improvisation in training performance.
    • Assemble course tools (training program) in one place.
    • Theoretical scientific support for the subject adopted by the training bag.
    • An integrated educational system aimed at satisfying the training needs of the trainee.
    • Enshrining the principle of sustainable self-development and continuous training.
    • Actively involve the trainee in the training process.
    • Describes what is expected to be learned from the training program in the end as one unit.

What’s the training bag? What are the components of the training bag?

A- General introduction (overview), describes the content of the bag, And its purpose, And its importance to the learner.

B- Specific and clearly worded educational objectives, so that you develop concepts, skills, The values that the bag processes in measurable behavioural patterns.

C- Multiple educational activities and materials commensurate with the characteristics of the learner, It helps him achieve goals.

Additional and optional activities for evaluation and enrichment, Or treatment for low-achieving people.

E. Measuring tools (tests), Helps the learner know how far he has achievededucational goals (tribal, subjective, and after).

And – a guide for the learner, explains to him the way the tutorial is studied, Or teaching, The evidence may be recorded on an audio cassette tape, In addition to the printed tutorial.

G- A list of sources and references that the learner can refer to.

H- The teacher’s guide shows how to guide the learner towards achieving goals.

ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية ؟
ما هي الحقيبة التدريبية ؟

How to prepare the training bag?

The process of preparing the training bag comes according to a scientific methodology to be followed:

  1. Understand the nature of the training and the information your audience wants from you.
  2. You will also set up the content of theoretical information as well as the content of kinetic activities that fall outside the scope of receiving information.
  3. Type all the requirements for preparing the training bag. And start the process of realistically applying these requirements and made, For example The information you’ll write and prepare. and activities that would equip their equipment.
  4. Review the content of the training bag and make sure you can make the best use of it in front of the trainees.
  5. If the trainee is the one who prepares the content of the training bag, The trainee must brainstorm the information he will get, The trainee then prepares the questions and participation mechanisms that he will apply in the training.

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