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تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية

1. Different concepts fordesigning distinct training bags

The design of premium training bags according to the overall concept is defined as a process of broad integration of equipment, all tools, materials and strategies to achieve the desired goals, primarily to bring about the required change in the skills and behavior of the trainee.

The most important concepts of the training bag

Training bag: It is the product of a wide range of current cognitive expertise by transforming a group of specialists into structured training content. Contact our portfolio design experts

Training bag: It is a document that includes a range of training procedures used by the trainer to achieve teaching objectives

Training bag: It is a comprehensive training plan developed on the basis of the objectives to be achieved using the basic scientific material and with the assistance of the necessary activities and steps.

4 steps for the training bag and what are its advantages?

Why the training bag? And the types of training bag

The types of training bag are divided into several basics that we review below:

Use: Where a special bag is made for the trainer to contain the trainer’s equipment and another bag belonging to the trainee including the equipment that the trainee will use during the training process, A third comprehensive package with a full range of training is prepared.

Design: Here the training bag is divided into an integrated bag, And a stand-alone bag, And a third electronic bag, Finally a multi-alternative bag.

Content content: Regarding the content, The training bag is divided into a single and multi-unit bag

Training activities: In terms of training activities, Two main groups are included in the training bag, The first is private and the second is a variety of training bags.

Subject: The training bag is divided into an educational and training bag.

The most important features of the training bag

The design of training bags is characterized by the integrity of its system: It uses various activities and expertise and feedback and evaluation fundamentals to achieve the objectives on which the training bag has been developed.

Design by style: The most important thing about the training bag is that it can only be prepared in accordance with structured and scientifically documented methods.

Diversity in the use of different media and techniques: There should be no complete training bag for intensive and systematic use of different media and techniques.

Support training processes and follow up their results: And because the training bag was only prepared to make a big difference in the skills and knowledge of the trainee, Training processes should take what is worth paying attention within the bag while monitoring its results closely.

Diversity in the use of different educational methods todesign distinct training bags : Attention is paid to providing the largest number of means to support the content provided in the training program, Including video, audio, computer recording, brochures, forms, etc.

Linking training to reality: The content of designing distinct training bags must be objective and logical, The portfolio will make no difference unless the content and educational or training activities provided are linked to the reality in which the trainee lives by simulating current events, and training on realistic topics related to the trainee’s current profession.

هذه الحقائب التدريبية مصممة لتوفير مقدمة لنظرية المؤسسات كما يتم تدريسها في الجامعات السويدية

هذه الحقائب التدريبية مصممة لتوفير مقدمة لنظرية المؤسسات كما يتم تدريسها في الجامعات السويدية

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