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How do you design a training bag?
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How do you design a training bag?

The first way.

I’ll explain how to design a training bag . ، Regardless of the name of your methodology, Because they are all close and followed in the same general framework so that the following are done:
– Determining the address of the training bag (general goal)
– Read, review and choose the most prominent titles and contents (fill in the knowledge)
Start distributing the content of the course.
Establishing activities, training and pouching.
Artistic design bag.
This method is operated by most trainers and designers of training bags and has different methodologies that all revolve around the same method and depend on the cognitive content of the subject.
And when you attend a training program and you find that the program is full of information and strong, But you left him with nothing and nothing will change you, You should know that this program is built in a cognitive way like the program. The designer focuses on knowledge and science and the program builds on them, So the program appears strongly in the eyes of the people, But it does not achieve the objectives of the reality of the program.
Many students at higher levels (master’s and doctoral degrees) turn their research and studies into training bags with the same methodology and method that makes knowledge and information the heart of the program, This is what the coach is about at all stages of the training program.
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The second way.

The second way is my way of working and I think it’s the right way to design training bags and it represents my philosophy in designing training bags.
The designer of the training bags must be professional and knowledgeable.
– If it is not as stated in the previous paragraph, First, he must read and educate himself in a high culture of subject matter in order to be as if he were a specialist.

Setting the overall objective of the training programme

Answers the question: What will the trainee graduate after completing the program (skills/directions/knowledge)
Begins (experimenting with the details of the subject) by distributing these skills to the training courses to see how much the training program needs from a session, This can be amended later if it becomes clear that it is necessary. Let’s do it.

– The structure of the program is drawn in any way such as (mental map/flow charts/vocabulary table/information network/or other). It is important to conceptualize the program.
Design training activities that achieve skills and ensure that the time is right for them. Designing training activities is the heart of the program here, And it is the secret of the success of the training program And accordingly the program path and all its details are based on because we build skills and through it building and changing, It is important to recognize that understanding the skill and knowing the details of its performance are factors of the coach’s success in transferring it to the trainees. Who has lost something cannot be given. Those who are unaware of the composition of the skill and the stages of its formation cannot develop it among the trainees.
After designing skills and their activities, The trainer moves to the second component of the program (directions).
Distributes values and trends to sessions according to skills and in a way that achieves goals and creates a suitable material for them to achieve. When executing, You will notice great difficulty in creating activities and developing content for values and trends, Where a lot of people ignore that in the first methodology and make it the coach’s job.
The principle is that the designer here has completed nearly 80% of the program and left the last part of the program components which is (knowledge)
Start developing knowledge and information that contributes to its success in achieving activities and changing trends.
After that, Part of the knowledge will be created, Which will begin to complete and integrate the knowledge and information needed by the program with the above. Return to the overall image you’ve already painted and match it with your sessions to ensure alignment. Returns to key goals (skills/attitudes/knowledge) and makes sure they are achieved through what has been written.
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