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كيفية عمل اعلان عن دورة تدريبية
كيفية عمل اعلان عن دورة تدريبية

How to make an announcement about a successful and attractive training course

It is known that advertising was characterized mostly by repetition and lack of creativity and innovation which led to the boredom of many consumers so you should know how to make an announcement of a training course in an attractive and professional way for the success of your advertising campaign for the course.

So that you can make an announcement about a successful and attractive training course and can clarify the correct purpose of this announcement, There are some elements that you should take care of that help you make a marketing announcement for any special service or training course , the most important of which are:


The title has a big and effective role in the written advertisement, It helps the reader and draws his attention to read this ad in all its details.

– The title plays a big role in attracting the attention of the viewer, It helps the reader know what kind of course this ad is talking about.

– This title must be very brief and useful. It can provide a large amount of information in a small space. You should only write useful and important words.

– Type the name of the institution and the name of the course you want to sell, Do not place any contact numbers next to the address or even the country.

– The title is one of the most important things that attract attention in any advertisement must be brief, interesting and attractive because it urges the reader to read this ad and prefers to use a description to attract the attention of the writer.


The description comes in the second stage after the title in terms of importance. The person who writes an ad for atraining course writes the description that begins with the information, He writes the most important information about this ad. Advertising needs a description based on keywords, It is the address. This means that the more the ad is described, The number of keywords has increased, Therefore, the chance of an easily accessible person wishing to attend this course has increased.


When posting an ad for a training course you have to put a picture that you can take over the phone or upload it from one of the sites of high quality images, Because there are many devices that take very accurate images at the highest level because they have great cameras.

The images must be taken with great care and accuracy so that you can put them in a clear and well-lit image, You show all the features of the service you want to make an ad for.

The way you communicate

You can easily communicate on ad sites, whether it’s a direct connection or an interview. You must determine the ways in which you communicate with trainees, Whether by phone number or email. This is mentioned in the ad. If you want to get a successful and distinctive ad, Some details must be added in the ad that reaches the trainee accurately. like the days and times when you’re available, Until you are contacted and booked. When can the trainee book this course ? You must make a marketing ad written in good language and marketing language. In the ad, Pay attention to the taste and mood of the reader.

كيفية عمل اعلان عن دورة تدريبية
كيفية عمل اعلان عن دورة تدريبية
كيفية عمل اعلان عن دورة تدريبية
كيفية عمل اعلان عن دورة تدريبية

How to write an ad for a training course

You should write small words in a short and simplified style that needs no more than words in an attractive way.

The ad must look good so that the customer does not forget it. You should write words with focus and benefit the reader.

Using a method that convinces the reader, Where you use the challenge method with customers, And how to convince the customer to book.

You should use a method to communicate this idea so that the customer can book the course .

There can be a limited amount or discount at a given time and so on.

It is necessary to use product delivery skills for the customers to whom this ad is directed.

You have to take care of the client’s mind and what he thinks.

Predicts the products he wants to buy through ads, colors, types he likes, etc.

Information such as phone number and email must be clear.

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How to measure ad success

Many advertisers measure ad efficiency based on the frequency of the ad and the spread of the ad broker that has been used, But the correct measure is to measure the ratio, which is the cost of what has been spent on advertising and the actual sales achieved by the ad, comparing your ads with each other, knowing success and vice versa to correct errors in previous ads and ads.

To write an announcement for the course, the ad should include the name, type and conditions of application, who is the target group, the date of submission, the date of the course in detail and the place.

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