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IMAS training bag design

مؤسسة حقيبتك

We are the foundation of your bag to prepare and design imas training bags, Designing training bags professionally, We offer a variety of solutions in the field of bag preparation to achieve great development and success for your training course

We offer imas training bag design in all departments:

  • Family bags
  • Educational bags
  • Suitcases
  • Administrative bags
  • Educational bags
  • Professional bags
  • Social bags
  • Technology bags
تصميم الحقائب التدريبية بنظام IMAS

Your 1,000-year-old bag site includes IMAS training bags in all departments
Some training bags to update 2021

دورتك قريبة

You can easily order a training bag from your bag foundation!

The foundation allows you to design and implement training bags according to the axes and number of days required as well as the target category as well as the possibility of developing and restructuring training bags, The service includes imas training bag design and scientific bag preparation. Sack. The curriculum is professional and re-take out the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive and elegant way to make your training course great !!

All training bags provided by your bag organization are integrated, Since all parts of the bag needed by the trainer during the training session include “activities, And the video, And the trainee’s guide, And the trainee’s note, And the profile, And the presentation copy as well as the help files.”

You can design imas training bags from your bag organization as you wish!

Custom-made training bags

Design and implementation of a training bag according to the axes, number of days required and target group

Training bags available and ready for delivery

A range of ready-made training bags equipped for immediate delivery and immediate delivery! After adding the trainer's information to it

Development and restructuring of training bags

The service includes redesigning and preparing the scientific curriculum professionally and re-taking the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive style! Makes your training session great!

مؤسسة حقيبتك

هذه الحقائب التدريبية مصممة لتوفير مقدمة لنظرية المؤسسات كما يتم تدريسها في الجامعات السويدية

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خبرة أكثر من 30 عام في اعداد و تصميم الحقائب التدريبية و تطوير المناهج

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