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Special Training Games

Training games are a set of activities required to accomplish a task, This is done in an artificial atmosphere that simulates reality. Training games are used more than one sense at the same time (hearing, Sight Touch And at other times, Smell and taste). Games are a fun process for individuals, It makes you feel fun and break the boredom that usually accompanies traditional lectures, training is not just an account of information, It is an assembly of information And refine it, and mix it with fun and stimulating ways and means Blending them with your experiences and experiences. The majority are interested in filming with him! And you find that he behaves well without getting out of the benefit.

In this article we will learn about the importance of games and the most prominent advantages and benefits, Then we learn the right way to use them and draw a lot of advice when activating these games in training and learning.

The importance of the special training course in training:

Games have a big and influential role in our lives whether these games are dynamic, mental, manual or electronic, The game can take a short or long time. The manifestation of the power of games is that they resemble a mirror that reveals the external behaviors and behaviors of the parties they play, The trainees’ reactions appear as soon as they are integrated into the game.
Games have a strong impact in facilitating and facilitating learning for trainees, Although it does not represent an answer to all training problems, It is only a valuable and sometimes miraculous tool in engaging the learner to promote learning, In addition to giving an atmosphere of fun, Participation and interaction between trainees.

The advantages of the special training course:

– It is lively, fun and based on everyone’s participation.
Complex issues and issues can be explained in a simple way.
– Participants are allowed to experience the subject under consideration in the context of the training itself (also called an experience here and now)
You don’t need a specialist to implement it.
– Easy and inexpensive.
– Their implementation does not require physical and mental abilities.
Provides an opportunity for participants to exercise leadership and dependency.
– Developing the spirit of the community and acquaintance and cooperation between the participants

Benefits of the special training games

Mentality: It purifies abilities, strengthens the senses, sharpens memory and perceives thought.
– Moral: Instills moral and spiritual trends and values in the spirit.
– Socially: Eliminates the individual’s selfishness and motivates him to adhere to the spirit of the community and ignite the values of cooperation.
Psychological: It calms the soul and brings fun and pleasure, which alleviates its problems and difficulties.

دورة الألعاب التدريبية المميزة
دورة الألعاب التدريبية المميزة

The objectives of the special training games :

– Create a spirit of fair competition between trainees and between themselves and working groups.
– Give trainees a chance to vent their repressed feelings and achieve their psychological comfort.
Training participants in leadership, conscious reliance, teamwork and self-denial.
– Rooting good values and qualities in the participants such as tolerance and cooperation.
Enable trainees to learn about the behaviors of trainees and the problems they address.
– Development of fitness, safety of growth, health and strength among participants.
Developing the mental capacities of participants.
– Create an atmosphere of activity and vitality.
– Allow the opportunity to get to know the participants.

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Tips make the use of the unique training course entertaining:

– It is preferable to compete at the group level rather than at the individual level. For example In case of loss, Embarrassment is distributed among individuals in order to maintain the individual’s self-esteem.

– Use games in periods of low activity of class or course , Thus, further rejuvenation and readiness to receive new information.

– Make sure that everyone understands its rules and that it is ok to take advantage of the leader of each group to explain the game to save time.

– Before the game starts, Give you enough time to review the game before you start.

Use incentives, prizes and encouragement before, during and after the completion of the course for competitions.

– The short duration of the game promotes the concept of training and the benefits of learning , In other words, time management should be taken care of.

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