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A training bag is essential for training workers to complete their duties in accordance with the required standards. Each portfolio can be used to guide training sessions, Although writing a training bag may seem a great task, But you can take a few simple steps to achieve development and effectiveness in a training bag.

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One of the most important principles in designing a training bag focuses this approach on various training methods that can facilitate the training process through four training stages:

  • Activating the trainee’s memory: The training courses should start with the step of activating the information that the trainee already has, This will undoubtedly help them understand any new information added to their memory.
  • The need to use demos: The trainer should use techniques and methods such as graphs and video presentations to help the trainee receive knowledge in an easier way.
  • Apply information: Learners should be allowed to apply the information they have gained during the course to their current jobs and make sure they are used and used to solve the problems they face.
  • Consistency of information: Learners should be encouraged to link the new information they have received and encourage them to use it to solve the problems they face in their daily lives.
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كيف اسوي حقيبة تدريبية

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Think about what you want to include.

to create an effective training bag , You should have a good idea of what kind of content you want to include in it. Collect all the information, knowledge, processes, checklists, etc. that you need to include in the training package, Make sure you are accurate at every point and have everything you need to write the training package. Never rely on your memory! Even skipping a small step can lead to confusion among farmers. For example Not telling the trainee about an important key in a new device is not only misleading, It is also dangerous.

What is the training design?

Training design is the procedures and steps used in creating training content , Its usefulness lies in identifying the problems of acquiring knowledge and skills, As well as knowing the direction of the trainees and identifying their needs, And then develop the training bag. In addition, it helps to give effective instructions to trainees in a way that facilitates their learning process. Here are some steps you’ll need to follow when designing a training package for trainees.

Step 1

Is an analytical procedure to identify the needs of the target group as well as the needs of work and training.

Step 2

Based on the analyses that were made on the trainees, Create a profile for each trainee with information about their skills, knowledge, responsibilities, level of education and professional experience. You must assess their competence in the subject on which the training will be conducted based on their preferred training methods.

Step 3

Identify training objectives that must be based on the desired goals and the results expected to be achieved at the end of the training bag

Step 4

Identify the appropriate methods and methods used during the training process once the subjects of the training bag are identified.

Step 5

This step involves organizing content by drawing, organizing, and placing images and icons in their appropriate locations.

Step 6

You can create a prototype of the training package before the development process begins, This will help you test its effectiveness.

Step 7

Once the training bag has been developed , Evaluate and monitor them to see if they are effective in achieving training objectives and whether they are able to achieve training objectives and meet the requirements of trainees.

مؤسسة حقيبتك
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