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Steps to prepare ready-made burpoint training courses

The idea comes first during the preparation of ready-made powerpoint training courses ;

Perhaps the hardest step within the steps of preparing a training course is to identify a new idea, The most successful ideas are those that provide practical solutions to the problems facing a specific target audience. One of the hardest things you see these days is the so-called semi-educated. They are people who thought that by reading some books they became specialists, And maybe they succeeded at first in selling their services, But in the end they will be exposed; They were not organized in an orderly manner.

Identify customers who will purchase your services;

Knowing the target audience to create the course will guide you in the best way, for example, If it is served to beginners, It will be implemented in a different way than it would have been offered to those at the medium or advanced level. In addition to its economic level, Will the service price be suitable for the targeted individuals, Or do you need to add some improvements. therefore The target audience must be carefully identified by identifying their age, countries, languages, interests, orientations and problems.

After identifying the target audience for ready-made Burpoint training courses, Come the public study;

with the aim of identifying their problems and providing solutions to them, And you may know that the best course is the most useful, This step may be the beginning to find an idea for your next session, Where they say “necessity is the mother of invention”, By studying the target audience, identifying their problems and then providing solutions to these problems in the form of an educational course.

Gather more information about the course material;

Now that you have an idea and know your target audience well, Our trend will now be to prepare ready-made Burpoint training courses by collecting more information about them, with the aim of developing their main lines. For example If the idea is to offer a video-shaped training course explaining the preparation of sites for search engines “SEO” for novice site owners in the Arab world. So the next step will be to gather more information about the so-called SEO, The order of the material is at key points or the cycle can be divided into parts and each part will talk about a point.

Now you know what you’re going to talk about, It needs to develop a specific time plan to complete the course material;

For example 30 days from now until the completion of filming videos for ready-made powerpoint training courses , After 30 days at most, The training material will be available.

And after you’ve finished everything, Save your course in its final form in preparation for deployment as one or more services on Pfeiffer. You can divide time on goals, For example, the idea will be explained in 10 points, Any 10 videos, This means that you finish one video every 3 days. And you can modify the time plan to suit you and suit your marketing plan, It is important that the educational material be available at the end of the time plan.

Fix the flaws and add aesthetic touches;

If your material is a book, Correct grammatical and spelling errors and adjust in the form of a book, And if your material is videos, watch and edit videos, and reduce their size. What’s important is that you now give the final shape of your course;

Prepare the article/propaganda video;

The task of the article or propaganda video is to make it clear to the customer that this course provides a solution to his problems; You can do it yourself or use a five-year service to do it, If you don’t know this work, the reason is that the visitor won’t watch the course before they watch this trailer video and only through it will decide whether to buy or not.

Choose one or more services;

Now everything is ready for you, You still have to know how you’re going to sell your course in fives, Is it one service or more of a service, Is a service accompanied by developments or several separate services, This step will determine your profitability from the course. The steps of preparing a training course are now clear, And you just need nothing but marketing and pointing to it whenever you get the chance, When you find the problem, your course is the solution.

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Preparing ready-made burpoint training courses

If you are working on an offer for ready-made powerpoint training courses , Using Powerpoint templates is one of the best and fastest ways to make your course more than great besides professional appearance but you probably know if you used slides before, It is important that the template you have chosen includes slide templates that suit the view of your course that you want to transfer to the trainees.

Unfortunately, not all the ppt chip models you need are available. It is therefore important to choose templates or models for the Burpoint segments they offer. If you need a time chart, make sure that the template you have chosen contains a template for a time chart, and if you need a map, the template must have a map and so on.

دورات تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت
دورات تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت

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Steps to design ready-made powerpoint training courses

1. Design the title slide .

A striking title slide that is necessary for most presentations

2. Information about us .

This design briefly describes your activity within ready-made PowerPoint training courses.

3. Personal identification page .

This slide, which often includes pictures, And highlight the mini-bots to lead your company

4. Timeline .

Timelines are common because they provide the easy way to visualize dates

5. Graph or chart .

Graph slides allow you to provide data in an attractive way.

6.Map .

This type of PowerPoint chip template is particularly useful for discussing the presentation on globalization or the company’s regions.

7. Graphic information chart .

Charts go one step beyond charts and charts to provide information in visual format.

8. The normal size of mobile jazz .

With the popularity of mobile devices, it’s no wonder that PowerPoint chip formats with mini-models of mobile devices are common.

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