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The field of graphic design is diverse. In this article, We will highlight 8 of the most common areas of graphic design and describe them in detail.

When we hear the word graphic design – we all link it differently. Some people think about designing web and mobile apps first, Some think about business cards and brochures, Some are considering packaging design and brand identity.

Because graphic design as a communication skill focuses on the visual interpretation of information. It can be mental, physical, digital or mixed. In today’s competitive world, Graphic design has become an integral part of every business. It plays an important role, By combining technology, aesthetics and creative thinking, You can deliver your message, It will always be etched in the minds of the public.

If you look around, You’ll see the design everywhere – from milk cans to holiday apartment reservations.

But we must point out one important thing. Each graphic design area requires a specific set of design skills and techniques. Many designers focus on one type, while others focus on a range of similar and overlapping species.

Although designers often overlap, Designers often specialize in a particular field of design and develop their skills for many years. So don’t expect the web designer to do his first job like anyone who’s been editing video for years. This is just an example, But now you get the idea.

Here we highlight the most important areas of graphic design so you can determine the best for you.

1.Maga graphic design of visual identity

For each company, Whether small, medium or large, A different story to tell.

For their audience to hear their story, There is a brand identity. permission The graphic design of visual identity is exactly: visual elements of the brand’s identity that act as a brand face, These intangible qualities are transmitted through images, shapes and colors.

Visual identity graphic designers create assets such as logos, printing, color palettes, and photo galleries that represent the brand’s personality. In addition to business cards and standard notes, Designers often develop a set of visual brand guidelines that describe best practices and provide examples that apply visual brands in different media. These guidelines help ensure brand consistency across all future applications.

Visual identity graphic designers must have general knowledge in all areas of graphic design in order to create design elements suitable for all visual media. They also need excellent communication, conceptual and creative skills, In addition to a passion for looking for industries, organizations, trends and competitors.

Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas 1 Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas

2.Design Graphic marketing and advertising

Ads are everywhere. They’re bombing us on TV, And they shout on the shelves of stores, They paint every possible free space in public places. The result of any successful ad is of course the sale of the product or service advertised by the advertiser.

But have you ever wondered how long it takes to create a successful campaign and an attractive ad that perfectly conveys the story?

We’re not talking about time here, It’s about developing ideas and looking for consumer habits and visual creativity over days or even months. therefore Marketing designers need communication, problem solving and time management skills.

They need to understand the brand, products, services and customs of the target group. The designer who creates the ad is not only talented in creative design, It also knows how to sell the product and attract the attention of consumers.

This means that they work with corporate owners, managers or marketing professionals to create assets for marketing strategies. They can work individually or as part of an internal or creative team, depending, of course, on the budget invested in the ad itself.

As we mentioned earlier, Marketing and advertising design can be divided into printed ads, which we see in the form of posters, Billboards, flyers, catalogues, packaging, and cardboard stalls, And so on, All printed materials pass through the printing press. They can be divided into digital ads we see on TV, signage calls, video ads, social networking bulletins and radio ads.

3.Web design and websites

Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas 2 Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas

You may have heard of the terms UI and UX, But do you know exactly what you mean?

The user interface (UI) is how users interact with a device or application. User interface design is a interface design process to make it easier to use and provide an easy-to-use experience. The user interface includes everything the user interacts with – the screen, keyboard, mouse – but in the context of graphic design and design, the user interface relies on the user’s visual experience and graphical element design (such as buttons, menus, micro-interactions, etc.) that appear on the screen.

UI designers are tasked with balancing aesthetic appearance with artistic functions. UI designers specialize in desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps and games. They work closely with UX designers and user interface developers who determine how the app works. They write code to make it work.

The mobile phone industry is developing very quickly. Companies have begun to provide their content and services through applications. Thanks to the great design of mobile applications, You’re not just responsible for making your product look good, It’s also about building a relationship between the app and its users. Professional app designers know the latest trends. With them they know how to design an application with an elegant façade, flawless icons and great art.

4.Design Graphic publishing

In the past, Printing was the primary means of providing news and information. The printing industry is in full swing, It produces a large number of publications such as books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, etc.

But times are changing and technology is progressing. Digital brokers today are at the forefront. The average user spends 5 hours a day on mobile devices. It is not surprising, therefore, that the number of people reading newspapers and reading news on websites is decreasing. They replaced books with e-books, The following trends have begun to emerge as their social network when shopping online.

Publishing graphic designers work with editors and publishers to create layouts using carefully selected printing and accompanying artwork, Including photography, drawings and illustrations.

Publication designers can work as independents, members of creative agencies or internally as part of a publishing company. Publishing designers must have excellent communication, planning and organization skills. In addition to the Graphic design experience, They will also need to understand color management, printing and digital publishing.

Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas 3 Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas

5.Packaging graphic design

Packaging serves the dual purpose of protecting the product during storage, distribution and sale, and direct communication with consumers, This makes it a very valuable marketing tool. Packaging designers create concepts, develop models of natural sizes and create printable files for products. This requires experience and understanding of the printing process that is seriously used in industrial design and manufacturing.

They have to go with the current and compete. Imagine a product in a retail store next to a rival with the same color and shape, It is not so clear that it is difficult for consumers to observe it or not at all. Packaging must be innovative and distinctive and “invite” consumers to choose that product.

6.Animation design and graphic motion picture

Animation design has become a real trend, Companies increasingly need to use short animations to showcase their products and services. In addition to marketing purposes, Animation is used in video games, apps, banners, moving text, subtitles, etc.

Today’s pandemic is extracted through animation because it spreads widely among young people. Motion Graphics is a fairly new area for graphic design for designers, It can be found on all digital platforms, This creates all kinds of new areas and opportunities.

In here We’ll also mention 3D graphic design because it’s becoming more important these days. The impact has become the most widely used in almost all industries. 3D artists have powerful computer and technical skills. They are trained in addition to photography and various computer-assisted software lighting techniques, effects and animations.

Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas 4 Top 8 Graphic graphic design areas

7.Environmental Graphic Design

Whether you’re talking about office brands, or mobility on public transport, or the interiors of retail stores, The surrounding graphic design field can improve people by visually connecting people to places by making them memorable, Or fun, or informative, Or easy to navigate. The overall experience is in.

We don’t even realize how environmental graphic design affects our daily lives. Environmental Graphic design is a multidisciplinary practice that combines graphic, architectural, interior, landscape and industrial design.

Designers work with people in any of these areas to plan and implement their designs. That’s why, Designers usually have education and experience in graphic design and architecture. They should be familiar with the concepts of industrial design and be able to read and draw architectural designs.

8. Graphic photography

There is a difference between a Graphic designer and a Graphic artist. Graphic designers create combinations for communication and problem solving, Graphic artists create original works of art.

Graphic artists use any set of media and techniques to create their work, collaborating with writers, editors, directors, marketers and art managers in all kinds of graphic design.

They usually have a foundation in fine arts, animation or architecture. Overlapping skills and applications allow you to find Graphic designers who are professional graphic artists and painters.

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