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Certified training course

There are many courses for the accredited trainer training course that is held in specialized training centers, There are courses that are conducted online from a distance, All these courses are conducted by professional and specialized trainees with the highest level of experience and competence, There are also places that offer accredited degrees from internationally recognized universities and academics, These courses can be divided into many courses: Self-development courses, andmanagement training courses And cooking courses, And the preliminary courses.

What topics should be included in any accredited trainer training course:

The topics in the training program design mechanism mean those contents that must be arranged in the form of lessons, training lessons and organized scientific seminars, and put it in a timeline in a sequential, realistic and easy-to-implement way, which the trainers must arrange teaches the trainees as well as train them in all possible ways, So that any training program can achieve its educational and training objectives in an integrated way in any accredited training course, In the end, students or trainees can get the science and applications they want to master.

Includes putting topics in the training program design mechanism, so-called “coach’s guide” or “teacher’s guide”, Where the trainer can refer to this guide at any time during the training process , which includes the required training instructions, in order to achieve the goal. Desired and expected training objectives.

دورة تدريب المدربين معتمدة
دورة تدريب المدربين معتمدة

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What are the most important ways to design a certified trainer training course ?

The teacher or trainer adopts teaching and training methods, So that he can deliver ideas and training materials well to all trainees, Where there are many methods that can be used in the trainer training course are supported, They vary from coach to coach and from one coach. One training subject to another, As well as vary according to many other factors, Like the number of trainees, and their preferences, Place and time of training.

Hence it can be said that the training methods are not the same, And not a single way can be adopted to achieve training goals, The most important training methods in the trainer training course are:

 Presentation style:

It is an ancient type of training method, based on the idea of direct delivery of a number of trainees, where the coach communicates the information in a way that doesn’t have any creativity Trainees are passive recipients of training. Treatment.

Discussion style:

The discussion method is one of the best methods and methods of training, There is extensive discussion between the trainer and the trainees, which generates a kind of constructive interaction within the training room, leading to the most desired training. Goals. .


Is one of the types of practical training that makes the trainee live a realistic part of the training subject, which makes him learn it a lot This is one of the best ways to design a great training program.


One of the coolest ways to train, Where the coach asks some questions related to the subject of training, Trainees are left in a state of brainstorming to resolve these questions and training positions, bringing them to the stages of creative thinking and innovation that characterize brainstorming.

دورة تدريب المدربين معتمدة
دورة تدريب المدربين معتمدة

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Types of training courses in any training course are accredited: –

Management training courses

These are training courses prepared to prepare trainers, develop their leadership skills and speaking art, as well as guide them to accompany successful managers and develop positive impact skills in others around them as well as the ability to overcome them. . . Crises. Get rid of stress, find out the strengths and work to exploit them.

  • Do you accept change?
  • Thinking and creativity
  • The art of meeting management
  • Brainstorming
  • The art of communication
  • Successful people and seven customs
  • Leadership, supervision and team building
  • Planning and achieving goals
  • The art of marketing

Personal skills and self-development training courses

These are training courses that contribute to personality building and self-development. The most important of these courses are:

Training courses in goal-making and planning

These courses contribute to a person’s ability to plan properly in the field of management, As well as on setting and achieving goals. The most important of these courses are:

Training courses in change

This type of training course helps a person to change his lifestyle for the better to achieve the goals he seeks, The most important of these courses are:

  • How to change yourself
  • Are you resistant to change?
  • Are you hesitant?

Training courses in supervision and team building

Courses that develop an individual’s work skills and form teams capable of teamwork. The most important of these courses are:

  • Teamwork Management
  • Foundations for successful management
  • Effective headmaster
  • Educational supervision and skills
  • Skills of a successful leader
  • The art of working with others
  • Leadership skills and recipes for a successful leader

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Names of training courses in management planning and goal setting

  • Training course entitled “Start with the most important

This course is an upcoming book by Brian Tracy, Which provides information about what to prioritize.

  • Successful educational planning

Is a training course through which the trainee is introduced to how to plan in the field of education

  • Training of planning supervisors

It is a training course that helps supervisors plan administratively the goals they want to achieve.

Names of training courses in leadership, supervision and team building

It is a distinguished training course through which the trainee learns how to drive, supervise and how to form teams.

  • Teamwork Management

Distinguished training courses in leadership, supervision and team building. Through this course, The trainee learns the ways in which groups can be managed and teamwork developed.

  • Use of surveillance and evaluation of management

A unique training course where you can learn how to perform, monitor and evaluate administrative tasks

  • Educational supervision and skills

This course is one of the most important training courses that the trainee can access to acquire new skills in the field of educational supervision

  • The art of working with others

These courses feature trainees learning how to deal with others and being able to communicate ideas easily.

Training courses in the field of training trainers

  • Tips for successful trainers

This is a distinguished training course through which the trainee learns how to be a successful coach, In addition to reviewing a range of tips and instructions in this area.

  • A guide to preparing training materials

A distinguished course in the field of training trainers so that they can prepare the material of training materials in the form

  • Vacuum training material model

A special training course that contributes greatly to obtaining distinctive information in the field of training trainees, The trainee learns how to design air materials


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