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Empty training bag model

The training bag consists of four sections, Here we will learn about the following sections:

  • The theoretical training content is the theoretical framework of the training package and contains all the information that helps the trainee understand the subject of the training bag and implement its basic applications.
  • Hands-on content: It is the practical applications of the training bag and this section follows the sections of the training units
  • Evaluation of the training bag: It is a section that includes tools to evaluate training content as well as measure indicators to achieve the objectives of the training bag
  • This section includes the necessary educational materials, including how the training methods work, and the educational materials accompanying the training bag will help you achieve your training goals.
نموذج حقيبة تدريبية فارغ
نموذج حقيبة تدريبية فارغ

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Empty training bag model

Coach’s assessment

The form contains questions to evaluate the trainer in terms of his commitment to attend the scheduled dates, And view the training material, And the role of his experience in performance as well as the extent to which different training methods are used, and control the course of the training process, And accept suggestions or criticism

Evaluating training content

The form also contains elements for evaluating the content of the training, assessing the clarity and ease of understanding of the training material, and also assessing the coverage of the course topics, And the extent to which they are organized and interconnected

Evaluation of trainees

The form contains special provisions to evaluate trainees in terms of their participation and interaction in the training environment and their convergence in the scientific level and career specialization

Training climate assessment

The form contains special items to determine the suitability of the training hall for trainees, And the extent of the facilities provided to them, Availability and appropriateness of the tools and equipment needed for the training process

General evaluation of the training course

The form concludes with a general evaluation of the training course in terms of its extent to meet the expectations of the trainees the degree they wish to join in other courses in the same field, And the degree of satisfaction with this course in particular

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Empty training bag model

Empty training bag form data: –

A set of trainee data can be used in the evaluation form for research performance development or marketing for future training courses

Some or all of these data include:

  • Please write the name of the course on the paper
  • Coach’s name:
  • History:
  • Please choose a name for your papers:
  • Employment:
  • Occupation:
نموذج حقيبة تدريبية فارغ
نموذج حقيبة تدريبية فارغ

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Empty training bag model:-

Training activity evaluation criteria

Data on training activity in the course evaluation model include a set of data that has been divided into specific categories for trainer evaluation, training content, trainee evaluation, training climate assessment and finally general evaluation of track training

Coach evaluation criteria

  • The coach committed to attending on time.
  • The trainer provided the training material and presented well
  • The coach’s experience was reflected in his performance.
  • The trainer used different training techniques.
  • The coach controls the training process very well.
  • The coach accepts suggestions and criticism

Training content evaluation criteria

  • The training material was clear and understandable.
  • The training material covered the topics of the course
  • Use a precise drawing brush to paint the leaves, paint each sheet with a good paint brush

Trainee evaluation criteria

  • Group participation and interaction dominated the training environment
  • The level of scientific and career trainees was similar.

Training Climate Assessment Standards

  • The training room was suitable.
  • The facilities provided were as required
  • The equipment and tools for the course were available and appropriate

General evaluation criteria for the training course

  • The course met my expectations.
  • I’m going to take courses in the same field in the future.
  • In general, It can be said that the course was successful.

More evaluation elements can be added to the evaluation model as needed when new items are added, It is taken into account that they are included in the intended evaluation group or category according to the case for example, If you want to add an element to the coach’s evaluation, It should be included in the trainer’s evaluation group or category

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