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Whether it’s a job offer or any other topic, it’s very important because it’s hard to convince the person in the best way, present yourself and market it to him. By calculation, taking specialized courses in this area can also help break this barrier properly.

We have found that there are a large number of well-educated individuals with extensive experience and credentials that qualify them for good positions, However, they are unable to secure these positions because they are not accepted in the best possible way or have not passed the stage of interviewing.

Personal interview passing courses 1 Personal interview passing courses

Interview sessions :

Through the interview course, participants are trained in several areas to be able to succeed at this stage:

first Train them to prepare for the interview by preparing for the interview in advance. They have to read about the company they want to apply to, For example mentally prepared for the day, And many other related things. Interview topics and how to pass the interview.

Interview types:

There are many types of interviews, one of the importants:

Interview for employment:

When it becomes a vacancy, Human Resources advertises the vacancy of a group of people who wish to work within a specific qualification. During this interview, You will meet with human resources to identify you and your qualifications. You will either be accepted into the job or you will be rejected on certain terms.

Interview profile performance evaluation:

The purpose of these interviews is to assess the performance of all department heads and work on the total budget of the research institution, For example Or provide an estimate and promotion to someone.

Self-marketing interviews and customer persuasion:

This is one of the hardest interviews, The most famous is that when you want to sell a product, All you have to do is convince the customer of the product, Here you have to be careful with another party and try to convince him in all ways, whether by attracting him to the party to talk or talking about the product and its benefits and advantages and selling it and its excellent effect and many other ways of diversification.

Interview for advice and advice:

If you have a problem and you can’t solve it yourself, An expert will solve your problem and be able to help you by proposing a range of solutions commensurate with the problem, Or it could solve the problem for someone, If you can. Otherwise, You meet the person and provide solutions to help him solve his problem in the most appropriate way.

Interview profile give up work:

The purpose of these interviews is to find out what motivates the employee to leave the job, This interview must be dated as soon as the job is left, And don’t wait long, When he left the job, Be nice, respectful and loving because there may be a day when the employee returns to his company or anyone who can deal with it in some way.

Personal interview passing courses 2 Personal interview passing courses

Punishment interviews:

The purpose of these interviews is to correct behavior, The purpose of these interviews is not to punish or abuse, The main purpose of these interviews is to correct themselves, and discuss mistakes and problems, and find the right solutions quietly.

How can applicants market themselves effectively and correctly? ؟

If a person wants to sell himself successfully, First, he has to determine what he really wants and whether the job he is applying for is commensurate with his personality, ability and qualifications, This is the first impression and the first impression. The first relates to the owner of the cv, Therefore, you must write the CV accurately and meet the company’s requirements, Through a biography, You will be selected to be contacted or emailed to your mailbox for an interview. If you do to choose this position, You have to convince them yourself why they should choose other applicants.

Top tips and keys for a successful interview:

Body language: Body language is an important reason to successfully pass a job interview. The language of the body is an indication of giving the other party a clear understanding of the applicant’s personality, The language of the body is linked to the language of the eye and the actions of the other party. Hands: An interview with the applicant as it is is straight, vertical and unapprageable. One of the reasons for the success of the interviews is to make eye contact with the other person, and look into the eyes when talking and when the other person gives an answer, The interviewer wants to be successful in an interview, We must also salute each other with a smile, Not a frown, And it’s always serious, It is not square, hands must be taken into account and many other things that contribute to a successful interview.

The possibility of answering the questions asked:

Interviewees should be aware of the most common questions: 90% of interviews ask a wide range of FAQs, Among the top 10 most common questions for interviews, One must answer:

Question 1: Talk about yourself …

Question 2: Why did you choose this job? ؟ ؟

Question 3: Why specifically choose you over other applicants? ؟ ؟

Question 4: Have you ever worked before? ؟ Why did you quit your job? ؟ ؟

Question 5: What do you think is the standard of success?

Question 6: Describe a work problem you’ve had in your previous job and how did you manage to solve it or get rid of it? ؟ ؟

Question 7: What do you do if you’re nervous or nervous?

Question 8: What are your strongest strengths?

Question 9: What are your most prominent weaknesses?

Question 10: What do you wish to achieve in the future?

All previous questions must be answered in a transparent and clear manner that serves the overall objectives of the job, without any excess or arrogance, For example If you’re applying for an ad marketer job, Please don’t talk about your talents as an artist. It won’t help you successfully interview.


By the end of this article, We became familiar with the general concept of interviews and the importance of the course to pass an interview.

Personal interview passing courses 3 Personal interview passing courses

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