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Hakapetk provides customizable training materials enabling clients to deliver high-quality and engaging content to their staff or students using proven materials that can be edited to suit any training situation or audience.

دورة اعداد الحقائب التدريبية
دورة اعداد الحقائب التدريبية

Designing a training material is an art that many people don’t know. I have met a lot of coaches and listened to many coaches who have not yet started training, Their obstacle is “designing the training material“. Honoring passes due to time constraints, Sometimes they may have to rent training materials or buy ready-made training materials, Most climbs the material design ladder and does not. Unfortunately it deserves design.


Everyone understands the importance of training in closing the performance gap in order to meet training needs in various fields, achieve goals and work towards development and growth for individuals and institutions. Course in the field of designing , And it is important for every coach and training specialist For all those involved in training and education.


The training material is a concept that reflects the operational plan of the actual training process by preparing the scientific material, activities and procedural steps required for implementation on the basis of training objectives.

It is a document that includes a detailed statement on the training procedures for use by one or more trainers to ensure that the desired goals of the training program are achieved efficiently and effectively, It focuses on performance bridging. A gap between reality and expectations in the performance of individuals or organizations benefiting from the training portfolio.


حقيبة تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت
حقيبة تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت

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حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة
حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة

preparation training material

Learn about the components of the integrated training material through the material

preparation course

Professional training materials consist of the following components:

Trainer’s Guide:

is the electronic training material from the coach’s point of view, this makes it easier for him to organize his ideas and list the scientific material in training. The trainer’s guide differs from the trainer’s manual in that the first guide is very concise and contains the basic points to facilitate review.

Trainer’s Handbook

is the electronic training material from the trainee’s point of view, Where the coach provides the trainees with it at the beginning of training or the end of training as needed, so that they can save them. the trouble of writing his story and extrapolating it, they only take small notes because the coach’s handbook is comprehensive and full of details about what the coach talked about.

Scientific article:

The trainer may keep scientific references or expanded scientific content, whether read or audio, for reference again if training is necessary, or share it with trainees after the training is over. Workshop. Increase it if they want to.

Training implementation guide: This is a manual for the trainer but it aims to conduct training, It differs from the trainer’s handbook.

PowerPoint presentation: The trainer displays his training on a presentation display so he must have a PowerPoint file in Pct format. Professionally designed and distinctive colors that make the screen impressive.

Important components in each trainer’s guide:

Booklet: The carefully designed and attractive booklet must explain the general purpose of the training, The trainer is encouraged to complete all its parts.

Activities and exercises:

Activities and exercises help motivate, increase concentration and attract trainees back to training, increase interaction and help encourage shy trainees to participate in training.

Mental map:

Man is the image to which images are attracted, even if the words are placed in circles and graphic characters It’s important, therefore, that your training material contains a mental map that shows the overall course of training for all exercises. Days. A special workshop or training map for each day of the training workshop so that the trainer has an idea of the training plan and prepares for it and anticipates its content.

Training games:

Training games increase the coach’s enthusiasm, especially when using the training material directly with competitive games.

Enrichment materials:

Keep your words open and direct trainees to additional training materials or attach them to training if it ends in haste.

Movement prevention and gap break exercises: Break the iceberg between you and the trainers themselves, With fun and entertaining dating games and exercises.

Charts, charts and videos: We mentioned that man is a visual object attracted by still and moving images and videos, Therefore, the trainer must provide his training material with drawings, photos and videos to attract the trainee’s attention.

Evaluation models:

These are models that deal with measuring the success of training and the objectives achieved by it, Measure the level of distance knowledge of trainees and compare them with the previous level.


Computer projector: Displays and white panels: This is the technical and material equipment that training needs according to the programs, exercises and activities added by the trainer in his training material.

The coach got a training certificate.

Confirms his presence at a distinct functional point. The trainee feels that he has received new knowledge and training from special points in his life. Now that we have talked about the training material and the importance of the training material and the components of the training material and its important parts, we will now talk about the methodology of designing distinctive training materials.


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preparation training material 3 preparation training material
كيف اسوي حقيبة تدريبية ؟

preparation training material course

Knowledge and knowledge units of the training program during the training material preparation course

1. Integrated approach to the training process

(The importance of training – its areas, Its relation to administrative development Components of the training process, Principles of effective training, Training and education).


2. The concept of the training material includes:

(The concept of the training material, Why the training materials? The importance of training materials, Types of training materials, When and how ready-made materials are relied upon, The contents and structure of the training material).


3. Basic components of the training material

(Basic components of the training material, The contents and structure of the training material with imas matrix, Vital variables in the training material)


4. Foundations for preparing training materials

(Steps to build and design the training material , The basics of material processing, McCarthy Theory Applications (META4), In an effective way (CP3) in the design of training materials, Determining training decisions, Standards of training decisions, Determining the training time, criteria for collecting and organizing training content, And the objectives of the program, And the program guide, And the training methods used, And the training methods used, And the design and construction phase, and identify the topics and references used, Divide the content of the package into modules or training packages)


5. Training tools for training materials including:

(The concept of training tools, Types of training tools, Choose training tools, How to take advantage of display tools and assistance (numbers, Materials Tools, Devices, attitudes and activities), Classification of display tools (audio, visual Audiovisual, General, collective means, individual means, Computer software skills (Power Point presentation software, Make a presentation from the beginning (depending on the bidder), Add special effects, Print the presentation (bulletins that are distributed with the presentation), Add, edit and draft texts in the presentation, and change backgrounds (colors, Designs …) ، Tips on how to view information, Use pre-prepared panels and assistance programs.


6. The stages of building an effective training package (step-by-step – practical state) step by step to build a technical program include:

(Before you start writing 5Ws, Stages of preparation and writing, Writing notes and methods of unification, Artistic design and guidance, The date of the training package (and the workshop).”


7- Technical techniques in the design and preparation of training material techniques including:

(Schedule technique and method 7 × 7 or 5 × 5, Saudi Arabia’s technique in classifying training tools, And determine the practicality of each material through DIF, AIDA technology in material design and units).


8. CRTP ™ to evaluate CRTP ™ Program training materials which include:

(Why do we evaluate training materials, And what do we do in the training materials? (standards), How do we evaluate training materials? (Tools), CRTP, Case study to evaluate the training material (workshop).”


9. Evaluation, nutrition and material review skills

(Feedback and its role in activating the process of active self-learning and methods of using it positively in improving the level of performance and methods of evaluating and measuring the training impact of the presentation and designing models and methods for tribal, immediate and remote evaluation, The training system and its role in raising the level of performance and effectiveness (CRTP) to evaluate training materials.


10. Models

(Participants are provided with models that are used to design and prepare training materials and help increase presentation efficiency)


11. Training workshops

To apply scientific skills

تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Book your free consultation now and get to know the consultant for the development and design of the training world with more than 30 years of experience in preparing and designing training materials and developing curricula Meet:-

  1. Design and implementation of training materials according to axes.
  2. How to determine the number of days required.
  3. What is the target group
  4. Is it possible to develop and restructure training materials.
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