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دور المعلم والمتعلم في الحقيبة التعليمية
دور المعلم والمتعلم في الحقيبة التعليمية

The role of the teacher and the learner in the educational bag

The role of the teacher is no longer limited to explaining and following traditional teaching methods . Its first responsibility has become to draw up a plan for the lesson strategy where teaching methods and educational means work to achieve specific goals, Taking into account all the elements affecting this educational strategy, Such as (classroom preparation). The way students are grouped and the way they are accepted … Etc.
Lately, Teachers and other scientists in the educational community have heard a new term related to teaching methods, It is “educational bags” or “teaching techniques”. A teacher who interacts with the school environment uses educational tools or machines to adapt and take advantage of school teaching materials. In the education of his students it is said that he uses (training bag), So what does this term mean?

We can mention a general definition describing what the training bag is , which is: training content in a field, with the aim of training a group of people and giving them experience related to their field of work and the trainer conveys this content to the trainees through a pre-prepared goal.

The role of the teacher in the educational bag:

When teaching in light of the modern concept of teaching techniques and in accordance with the system approach, We note statistically significant differences in the role of the teacher and the learner in the educational portfolio.
The role of the teacher is no longer limited to indoctrination and recitation. Instead, The teacher has a larger and more comprehensive role in the educational process. He is the designer andthe educational programmer , Which uses all technical data to serve educational purposes. Its optimal use of education techniques and developments will maximize the effectiveness of the teacher and contribute to the maximum possible dissemination of education. Learners in the shortest time and in the best possible way
In light of this, the roles assigned to the teacher can be summarized as follows:
1- The teacher is an educational mentor and an educational developer
2- Teacher leader and catalyst for classroom discussions
3- Teacher is an educational supervisor and mentor

The role of the learner in the educational bag:

As we have pointed out, the learner in the age of education techniques has roles and tasks that are very different from his previous role in the educational process. The learner is the center of the educational process.
To achieve this, there are some basic principles that can be achieved through the educational applications of educational techniques:

1- The learner should learn by himself by learning by doing and learning himself
2- Each student learns according to his speed and abilities
3- The student learns more experiences and skills when organizing the educational process
4- Promoting each step immediately through feedback through the use of programmed learning
5- The learner should master each of his steps fully before moving on to the next step
6- The learner’s motivation to learn increases when he has the opportunity to be responsible for his learning and is given self-confidence

دور المعلم والمتعلم في الحقيبة التعليمية
دور المعلم والمتعلم في الحقيبة التعليمية

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The importance of the role of teacher and learner in the educational bag

Here we shed light on the importance of the role of teacher and learner in the educational bag in the age of internet and distance education, The teacher occupies a special place in the educational process. As a matter of fact The success of the educational bag can only be achieved with the help of the teacher. And prepare it to gain appropriate educational experiences. It is true that the student is the center of the educational process and that everything must adapt to his inclinations, preparations, abilities and academic and educational level. However, The teacher is still the element that makes the learning and education process successful, He is still the one who helps the student learn and succeed in his studies. The teacher differed fundamentally between the past and the present. After the teacher was all in the educational bag, He is the one who attends the lessons And explains the information, It uses educational means, It develops tests to evaluate students. His role became linked to planning, organizing and supervising the educational process rather than an explanation of textbook information.

And therefore, Attention has shifted from the teacher who monopolized the educational process to the student around which the educational bag revolves, By involving him in preparing and explaining some parts of the subject, And the use of educational means, And the implementation of the laboratory and the field. Conduct experiments himself, conduct independent studies and evaluate his performance as well.

The role of teacher and learner in the educational bag in the age of internet and distance learning, The teacher has a role to play in four broad areas:
Designing the competencies of instructions.
2- Use of technical competencies
Encouraging student interaction competitions.
4- Encouraging students to self-organizing competitions

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